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  1. To say that, " they have nothing on Trump." Is a denial of reality and your ability to demonstrate critical thought. And if removed he will be indicted with the Mueller report as evidence. Mueller is a Republican, he said that if he could indict Trump he would but due to the Department of justice rules stating That Trump could not be Indicted his hands were tied. If Trump is removed the Statue of limitations will not save him.

  2. If the Democrats in the house had ANY honor to their OATH of OFFICE, their obligation to the American people they would immediately drop the impeachment and go after their own corrupt members! As far as I'm concerned, not one person signing such nonsense should be re- elected! They should be investigated instead!


  4. Someone should investigate Hillary's hate speech record.
    For three years, Hillary has been ranting about evil Russians and their evil interference with the elections.
    She has been constantly and intentionally demagoguing against Russian people in a flagrantly racist manner.
    All this constitutes hate speech, which is a crime.
    There is a case there, if someone was interested.

  5. The Dems from day one wanted to impeach ! We had to side step and go around the Dems to get the work done ! the only thing you hear from the Dems is what ? YES ! You got that right ! YOUR VOTE ! 2020 !

  6. It's just like the Dems they throw a fit when he wanted peach Clinton did did lied to the American public so all they know how to do is lie

  7. They did lnvestigate first, Why do you think they decided to lmpeach him Dummies, So stop pushing that Propaganda ! ?

  8. 90% of MSM say that the Democrats have a rock solid case with evidence and the President will be impeached and removed from office. Now all the late night talk shows jumped on the Leftist side and want Trump to be impeached. These are the same liars that told everybody Hillary was going to win by a landslide.

  9. I swear there are 2 human species..
    The absolute pathology and inability to process is so pathologic..This is absolutely twilight zone.

  10. Since the Republicans do not contest Trump's guilt, everyone then agrees that Trump and gang are guilty. The only defense that the Republicans are giving is that the Dems hate Trump and so… they also hate you! That is it. That is their defense and the Fox hosts talking points. So hide your babies because the Dems are coming to eat them.

  11. Lev Parnas, an associate of Rudy Giuliani, received a $1 million payment from Russia a month before he was charged with conspiring to funnel foreign money into Republican campaigns in the United States, federal prosecutors said Wednesday.

  12. Dems hate Trump Because he is a complete rejection of the Dems progressive liberal ideology, and more and more Americans are following.

  13. Stuart Parkinson 's

    YOU SAID : " Investigation doesn’t make space , removers do ".

    Exactly , REMOVE The 2—-Headed Treasonous—-DemocRAT—–SERPENT Nancy—Witch—-Pelosi + Adam—-Schiffty—-Schitty—-Schiff To Protect The Democracy—-Way—-Of—-Life Of The American People And Restore The Damages + Disruptions Of The U.S. Government That Were DONE By The Treasonous—-DEMONIC—-DemocRAT—–Political—-Criminals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Mr. McCarthy and Mr. Hannity are lock step in support of Russian foreign policy ie to continue to allow foreign interference in US elections — this is what America should be afraid of!

  15. If James Comey was so wrong, why did Fox and Friends chicken out of a live interview with him? The Trump cult members are such cry-babies ?.

  16. The democrats fake concern about the whistleblower is hilarious. Obama prosecuted more whistleblowers with harsher sentences than any modern President. Where were they then?

  17. Lewis Prothero.
    "Obey your leader! If he's wrong, remember, we've taught you to hate the leftist more than you love America! Remember Obama? We do too! Trump did crimes? Sooo what! They all do crimes, right? Anywaaay don't worry about the facts, we've got those covered…. like completely, so you can't even see 'em!" Good luck guys

  18. What lies did Schiff tell? I think the dems would keep investigating if the pres didn’t obstruct the testimony of his team. But whatever. Let it play out. The senate will probably not even do anything, right?

  19. Trump.. The Ukrainian interfered in the election…. Trump let's give Ukraine American weapons. If his defense is correct (its not)he should be impeached for given an enemy weapons..what moron would do that??

  20. ALL showboating…The I.G. can only investigate he cannot prosecute and can only investigate things within his jurisdiction…Bill Bar and Durham investigate criminal jurisdiction and will be able to do absolutely nothing…The ONLY crime that they can prove is the person tampering of the FISA document by changing carter page from U.S. Asset to Russian Spy…Everyone else no matter how criminal they are… even in their e-mails…will be completely immune to prosecution, protected by POLICIES… calling it probable cause after the fact of the crime tampered document. Exactly like a cop saying "I feared for my life" or "I smell something in your car"…and from that point justifies ANYTHING they do thereafter relentlessly protected with policies by the courts…The upper corrupt echelon might be fired at best…if they haven't been already… protected by POLICIES…It is policies that have completely undermined the constitution to its bumper sticker state…But Hillary on the other hand is possible to indict…but she is poised and waiting for Bar and Durham's flinch of investigating her then she will Dive into the 2020 election as the front runner for election law protection…which seems to show is the only place one is above the law… Except for Trump that is…

  21. The American people need to come out of the sugar fog they're under, come together for the sake of our country and end this corruption. We need affordable healthcare. We need to be able to afford ALL of our monthly bills and save enough to be able to retire, on the salary we make, working 40 hrs a week.

  22. I'm not from or in the USA but isn't there a 3rd option for an opposing faction, seems like the Dems have burned themselves out and may need some time in the dugout to rethink all this racism talk and we can take over everything in your life cause you're a victim ideology.

  23. Trump is stonewalling the investigation. He's refusing to allow his advisers to testify; he's willfully ignoring lawful subpoenas. Because innocent people always cover up the evidence of their innocence. Besides, Mick Mulvaney already admitted Trump committed the crimes on live television.

  24. I do not analyze Mr Hannity anymore, as it is hopeless, just like anything on Fox. Rather I make an attempt to get some ever so slightly reasonable people to understand the only way how to end this never ending nightmare: i.e. to abolish parties. This time let's use the You Are Not So Smart website (just so people see I'm not out of my mind) subtitled: The Celebration of Self Delusion.
    Tribal Psychology
    The social identity theory [Tajfel] says that when we define ourselves, we do so in large part by asserting our loyalty to the groups to which we belong. Research discovered, it didn’t take very much for humans to organize themselves into groups, and once they did, they immediately began to act like assholes to people who were in groups that they were not (e.g. like demonrats vs rebuplicunts). Humans can enter into us-versus-them thinking in seconds, and they will do so over just about anything (e.g. iPhone vs Android, I'm a PC vs Mac).
    Through what he eventually discovered was that first of all the more intense conflict is the more you think of your competitor as outgroup member not as an individual. So not only do people form groups very easily but once they do, once their individual identity is tied up to their group membership, they tend to see people who aren’t in those groups as lesser-than in some way i.e. you not only support the ideology of the Republicans, you are Republican, as the only way to be a human being, which a Democrat cannot possibly ever be, and vice versa, so you just think “you’re them, and therefore our conversation is over.”
    Them. It’s a powerful word. And the research in both psychology and neuroscience says that because our identities have so much to do with group loyalty, thinking in terms of us versus them is an essential property of the human brain, and if activated if stimulated, we can’t help ourselves but to think in a tribal way. It’s a very natural and kind of primal psychological response. It’s not anybody’s fault it’s just the way that our brains work. One group could hate another group so much that perpetuating genocide could become reasonable, become reality, as it already did many times in history.
    (We could go even deeper into psychology but we now stop and draw some conclusion)
    Conclusion: humans not only instinctively form groups, they will form them over anything — no matter how arbitrary or minimal or meaningless, it is in their DNA, so we cannot just take that out from their double helix, only evolution could (or intelligent design, if you choose to believe in that). So what can we do then? Instead of fighting this never ending pointless tribal fight between parties, which cannot possibly ever end (at least not until evolution creates enough sufficiently smart people) we must take away the "meaning" of that fight i.e. the parties. If parties are outlawed (as they must be) this nonsense will 'magically' stop. Problem solved.
    P.S.: I could also go into the mechanism, how this would happen, but it was already enough shock for you all at once. Let that just sink in a bit now.

  25. "Remember these last words, "If the congress can do this to POTUS, they can surely do this to you and me, and they are!" Welcome to the United States of the KGB."

  26. Trump’s talents: How to dodge taxes, how to hide his school grades, how to avoid serving his country, how to  betray America’s allies..that is your man….

    and hannity is his tampon….

  27. How about letting Trump and Rudy and Pompeo and Mulvaney testify. The democrats will investigate if it wasn’t for those cowards.

  28. Democrats are now on record supporting impeaching the President AGAIN after their current attempt fails.

    They are putting politics before the country because they know they cannot beat President Trump at the ballot box.

  29. The old standard of voting people out instead of putting them on trial for criminal activity. Obama presented fraudulent document to run for president. Let's start there so that the hanging can begin.

  30. America is a law abiding country! He clearly broke the law. I won't look away from that because I want our country to follow the law!!!!!!

  31. Please pass this around They just gave 80,000 illegal Immigrants the
    right to drive license in New York so that they vote democrat in 2020
    they have done the same thing in California for those of us that have
    either lost our license or trying to get it back or have to go through
    DRIVERS training this is not only an INSULT BUT A SLAP IN THE FACE

  32. Please pass this around They just gave 80,000 illegal Immigrants the
    right to drive license in New York so that they vote democrat in 2020
    they have done the same thing in California for those of us that have
    either lost our license or trying to get it back or have to go through
    DRIVERS training this is not only an INSULT BUT A SLAP IN THE FACE

  33. The dnc and demon Democrats are a criminal organization that wants total power and control over the American people and the intelligence agencies and corrupt media have been helping them by spying and repeating lie after lie with zero evidence. WWG1WGA Trump 2Q2Q

  34. Democrats did investigate you idiot! Where were you during the last 2 months of findings and rock solid evidence and several fact witnesses whom were trump appointees that found that Trump abused his power? These right wing idiots continue to lie and deflect from reality.

  35. That damned Hannity just WON'T SHUT UP! McCarthy is full of great info, but half way through a phrase, Hannity breaks in to tell the viewer stuff everyone already knows!

  36. Thank you for all Republican always on President side, and supporting him to fight back the demo-rats who always harm Pre.Trump and this country. They want to
    sell the US to China, Ukraine and Russia to get bribed money,  !!!!

  37. Not just adam schiff is lying, all the dems are lies, this is not good for the country nor any country, it's what it is, dem is dem and they will not change, even after the die, they will continue to lies to your face, lol.

  38. "Its great to see republicans standing up and fighting"

    We'll yeah cuz we don't really have a choice. No more mr nice guys.

  39. Very hateful comments on here. Dems did plenty of investigations and had witnesses testify while Trump held back information and witnesses. The facts are clear that this is not a sham impeachment. He hid it in a classified private server yet said it was "perfect." Yet all we hear about from FOX is Ukraine all of a sudden and small amounts of money Biden made. Trump's children have made way more.

  40. 2087 son: daddy why do we have to be slaves and have very little food? Father: well son it started way back in 2019 when the Democrats had a coup impeachment and removed the Greatest President this country ever had, after that the economy crashed the Dems got richer and more powerful that brought America down . Then the Russians moved in and took over, the Dems stayed on as olagaurds and overseers of the rest of us, soon poverty was rampent people losing there jobs , homes, soon was in Dept so bad they had to sell there children,poverty was so bad that when they were offered money for thier children they amagined the kids would be better off, at least feed, then came indentured servants,soon they figured out that they were keep pennyless and could never pay off thier Dept ,it then came that the whole family and offspring now belonged to the overseer's and we've been slaves for twenty five years now ! What could we've done different in2019 ? Didn't the Dems know this could happen ? Or were they that hateful or stupid ? We'll never know now get back to your chores before master comes whip on us for not working hard enough!

  41. Ah, no defense Kevin, did we ever think the spineless sycophant cowardly Party before country Republican Senate or the most anti democratic Senate majority leader in U S history Moscow Mitch would convict Treacherous Trump? Sinister Moscow Mitch, is quietly and cynically gaming the system by stealing Obama's Supreme Court seat and packing the lower judiciary with lifetime 18th century thinking conservative judges that will restrict human and women's rights and more importantly America's progress into the 21st century. All in an attempt to unfairly game political advantage for decade's, not just until the next election. However, today is still a historical "Scarlet Letter" day. It will produce the 2nd leg of probably the only time in U S history the stars and constellations will a line to produce the U S Presidential triangle of infamy. On Nov. 4th, Trump will be and almost certainly remain in U S history the only President elected by the minority of voters, impeached, and defeated in re-election and be marked the rest of his miserable, crooked, incompetent, serial lying, and treacherous life by the singular Lifetime Awarded "Presidential Scarlet Letter I" of infamy. In the words of Ricky Bobby, "Thank you 8 and 1/2 pound baby Jesus."

  42. To the honorable Mr. Gomert b of Texas: Sir, I was born in California 1942. At the time I identified myself and other Californias as equals and brothers of Texans : today I am sad to say any such comparison is ridiculous. Having carefully watched your honorable and u
    Intelligent representation of Texas and American values at the highest level possible I would be grateful should ever be needed that To stand in line or battle with you and yours to fight for those values retained by Texas and lost to the California’s of my youth. Sir, congratulations on your your carriage of yourself as American, and please count me as an envious supporter of your nobility, and note that I shall always remain among your most enthusiastic of your supporters. With my entire respect and administration, I remain, your devoted servant Clayton N. Dunn.

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