McAleenan reacts to being shouted off stage by protesters

McAleenan reacts to being shouted off stage by protesters

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  1. the fascist once again shut down free speech. Time to pull all federal funding from these communist run universities!

  2. The institutions of the West have become decadent; the University being the best example.

    They are happy to throw academic standards down the toilet, alongside other sacred Western values such as freedom of speech, for the $$$ they receive from 'teaching' low IQ substandard humanities students.

  3. The DemonRats/Communists want to turn the USA into a HUGE IMPOVERISHED SLUM. Look at the DemonRat run cities for examples.

  4. What the F*ck is wrong with Fox News Viewers it's not the Lefties!!! It's the Lying Elites Fox News is the Worst!!! We can't Trust Fox News and now more than ever We can't Trust Trumps Government!!!

  5. It's called the right to protest and freedom of speech.
    You don't have to like it, and it doesn't make them traitors.


  7. The few brave man and women who stand behind our president getting the work done.. I salute you all for securing our country from these selfish invaders crossing our borders daily still.

  8. Universities have a legal duty to protect free speech, and a stronger moral responsibility to do so than most. This narcissistic anarchy will not stop until individuals are held accountable. Students doing this, should be expelled. Staff doing it, or facilitating it, should have their tenure removed. The default rule should be, that anyone inviting others on to the campass, is then held personally responsible for the conduct of whoever they have invited, regardless of seniority. Short of this, we're not being serious.

  9. This crap is exactly why we shouldn't allow people to vote until they have walking around sense, age 35 sounds about right.

  10. Harry Balls

    1 second ago

    Trump and his people are making progress making the country and all involved safer and more compassionate to migrants. On the the side of things our imbecilic students invite people to their place of learning to yell at them in a concerted effort to remain uninformed and stupid. Eventually they will win as more and more of them become unemployable and resort to demanding free stuff from treasury. l figure 20 years before a total Venezuelan style collapse. Fortunately that's eight years after the weather induced extinction level event… so…….Never mind

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)╭∩╮

  11. Looking at the video….are people climbing the the big, beautiful new wall? What's with that!!? Thought it was supposed to be a deterrent.

  12. A law center? More like a f-ing clown college. The left and PC culture has been allowed to flourish for to long mostly unchallenged but it's time to stop it in it's tracks. This country has been damaged enough by this BS.

  13. Wait, did he say “catch and release?” So, they are releasing these trespassers into the general population, like sharks tagged and put back in the ocean? Hell no, that is not the way it’s supposed to be! They need to identify these people, open a case, give them a number and send them back across the border to wait for their hearing, if they let them in people will keep on coming thinking this is the way to do it; break in and they will let you stay!

  14. I agree with kpmoresco, funding should be pulled from any, school, college and universities not permitting free speech or allowing guest speaker to speak on their campus. This is not democracy, this is anarchy. I also agree with Toga Tours, to remove any funding from any, school, college and universities, discussing of any religion of any type, whether in text or in speech. I would go as far as reducing funding to any city, trying to limit free speech from parties with opposing views. Some of these Mayors suffer from Napoleonism, and feel they can impose their absurd rulings. All these topics are obviously creating division, and the only way to correct its effect is through money.

  15. Of course the University was too cowardly to announce beforehand that anyone disrupting the meeting would be expelled… immediately and permanently. Why waste time talking to morons… and this includes the school administrators.

  16. The 5 percenters are💩🐦. They love Hillary and hate Trump. 5 % will never cheat another President into office. They will lose their universities.

  17. Shame on Georgetown. Where were the campus police. If this is what some of the top law schools are turning out, we are in trouble. These are not graduate students, these are spoiled children.

  18. \ College: where reason fueled debate goes to die.
    \ Where logic is replaced by shouting and tantrums;
    \ Stay for a Ph.D., the capstone to Leftist indoctrination.
    \ Why worry about Citizenship in the Country providing for all?

  19. Okay have a good day this is a example why all you illagels are gonna be deported you got no respect for America or American's trump 2020

  20. Not for nothing but at least they are passionate and get their voices heard.
    Conservatives don't lift a finger. They are complacent and lazy.
    Meanwhile the left erases our history, rips down our monuments, conspire in public to overthrow the President, openly lie and deceive the public.
    And the right , just sits back and complains.
    The RIGHT and CONSERVATIVES are the real downfall of america. ZERP spine

  21. What a mic drop. He just simply walked out and they were left there, foolishly holding those home made signs . Give the man a raise

  22. So in a nutshell, this guy caved into the leftist loudmouths, handing them the win. Which just will draw more nitwits to the next attempt to have a rational discussion.

  23. Open mouths and closed minds, and nothing was learned at Uni that day, like so many other days. now please remind your parents to send their tuition payment checks.

  24. can't be nice apparently and give migrants a chance without being called racist…. i say we have enough people here and ** the migrants

  25. A college knows what is going to happen when they invite dhs, ice, people who believe in the sovereignity of the US. It was a set up for gratuitous press coverage

  26. You should have made it your home bro…, sat at the table and turned it into a town hall up close and personal. Sorry for the Antifa celebration of Nuevo Facism… Totally lame child dictators. Right out of their mothers playbook.

  27. Democrats steal billions of our tax dollars to support illegal aliens ! They should be tried as traitors to our Republic !

  28. Easy fix….Stop ALL Federal funding to ALL universities and the college administration(s) will find their patriotism! “It all about the Benjamin’s” quoting Ilan Omar if that is even her real name!

  29. What bad children. I didn’t believe in Abortion until I saw the way they behaved I wish their parents believed in abortion

  30. It was soo nice 2 see white privilege walking off the stage and this man deserves No safe spaces to speak to eat that is fair ! Peace

  31. As a Catholic and a Washington DC native, I am ashamed for Georgetown University. Nothing Jesuit about verbal thuggery. Pathetic.

  32. If you stay, they win.
    If you leave, they win.
    They're going to all go home and jerk themselves off in their own tears thinking they've done a good thing.

  33. A reckoning is coming…. when it thunders down on these fools, they will wish for a safe place, but none will exist for these traitors.

  34. Deport that those screaming idiots to Venezuela. Tell the that their brilliance is needed down there to help fix Venezuela and Maduro is waiting for their help. The idiots would go willingly. When they discovered that their passports had been invalidated it would be too late.

  35. WHY are these stupid leftards not being manhandled out of these rooms the moment they start the BS? Watch the female in red slowly rise to her feet as Kevin leaves. Dumb and Dumber… that's the protesters and the even more foolish 'independents' (surburban housewives…do they not have kids who need a prosperous country?) that voted the democrat congress in have a lot to answer for to the fellow Americans for the tragic amount it has cost America. Keep America Great…inspite of these losers!

  36. Head of security half those load mouths were likely here illegally in the first place the crises is in the house of representatives

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