MBA Watch | Assess Your Odds

MBA Watch | Assess Your Odds

– Hi I’m John Byrne with Poets&Quants. I have exciting news for you. We just launched a new
product on our site,, it’s called MBA Watch. It allows a user to go in
and insert their profile, including their GMAT and GRE scores, and their work experience, and then to get an honest assessment from both our community
and a bunch of experts in admissions, as to what your odds are for each of your target schools. We have, as our launch
sponsor, MBA Mission, one of the leading MBA
admissions consulting firms. It’s the second time
we’ve partnered with them. We also make available on our site their insider guides to the best schools, which are really great. This time, as our launch
partner, they will make available all 25 of the full-time
professional consultants to assess your odds. Last year when we crunched the numbers on the most favorably
reviewed consultants, who came out on top? MBA Mission. So come on in, put your
profile in our MBA Watch, and let’s get a start.

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