MBA Scholarships: How To Earn a Free MBA Through the Consortium (2019)

MBA Scholarships: How To Earn a Free MBA Through the Consortium (2019)

hey everyone welcome to the GRE How-To
series where we make studying for the GRE a lot more tolerable now this week’s
video is going to be interesting for one or more the following three reasons one
you’re interested in Business School and like the idea of a full ride scholarship
two you know someone who may be interested in Business School and might
like the idea of a full ride scholarship or three you like see me and hearing my
voice so any of those apply to you great I’m so excited to share this really
important information with you and if you’re not interested in business school
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the giri how-to series stay tuned hey everyone so I’m probably
in the middle of you watching your next before I let you go challenge video so I
will make sure that this is packed with some information that you won’t want to
miss and if you love getting this kind of information from me and want some
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area because I am so excited to just make a small contribution to you
following your dreams today I want to introduce you to an amazing organization
called the Consortium for graduate study in management I have the privilege of
being a part of this organization that has helped me do amazing things in my
business school journey the consortium is all about increasing the
representation of underrepresented minorities in business schools and if
you don’t know what an underrepresented minority is they are people of African
American descent of the Latin X culture and Native Americans I believe the stat
is of the 10,000 people who graduate with a top-tier MBA only 8% fall within those categories which means I mean typically MBAs go on to have great jobs and go
into leadership and business and that means that if you’re underrepresented in
the business school ranks it’s likely that you’re going to be underrepresented
and corporate ranks so for over 50 years the
consortium has built an alliance of schools who are dedicated to increasing
representation and really put their money where their mouth is by securing
funds for scholarships there are many ways to get a scholarship from a
business school admission into the consortium is one way an addition
consortium has been building an alliance of corporations who really value
diversity and really want to get access to the best and the brightest so there
are opportunities for members of the consortium to recruit early or have
conversations with companies that they may be interested in working with one of
the common misconceptions about admissions into the consortium is that
you have to be a part of an underrepresented minority category in
order to be a member that is not true actually any u.s. citizen can be a part
of the consortium and all you to do is demonstrate that you have had a record
of promoting the mission which is increasing inclusion of underrepresented
minorities in business in the workplace if you have life experience supporting
that community experience supporting that and work experience supporting that
I highly highly recommend that you check it out because not only to get access to
early recruiting opportunities perhaps some scholarship money you also are
included an amazing family of people who are extremely supportive and me
personally they inspire me to this day it’s helped me build my personal network
across many of the top business schools out there and it’s pretty amazing that I
can call on someone who went to Darden or went to UCLA and have something in
common with them through the consortium as I alluded to before there are a few
great benefits to being a part of the consortium and the last one you’re gonna
be so happy that I told you about this so make sure you hang in there so that
you know the amazing amazing perk that you get right away from the consortium
the first thing I’ll describe is the amazing recruitment opportunities in
June there is what we call o P which is orientation program where you learn
about the values of consortium you get at
to really meet some of your classmates for the first time and there’s an
opportunity for early recruitment opportunities now that is that sounds a
little scary but I mean at the end of the day you know Business School is
partially about getting a job so it’s great to get a head start there are so
many companies who come to orientation program Pepsi Google Facebook there are
so many opportunities for you to build your network and get to know people
often consortium alum who are there to support you in your journey to find your
next opportunity for your internship and perhaps your next full-time job so that
in and of itself is amazing right another benefit that some consortium
members may get is access to a full or partial tuition scholarship now this is
an amazing opportunity for some people and it’s like an amazing blessing that’s
for sure something to know is that consortium doesn’t get to decide if you
get the scholarship it’s really the schools who decide that
so it’s gonna be really important that you just build the best application you
can and demonstrate your academic abilities and your commitment to the
mission very very clearly so that you can best increase your chances for
something like that I I’ll tell you I have my friends who
didn’t get the scholarship and got so many amazing benefits from membership so
honestly the scholarship is only one piece of the great opportunity it is to
be a part of the consortium and lastly and something like if you’re in the
business school application journey right now this is going to be crucial
for you because right off the bat the consortium allows you to be able to
apply to schools for a significantly reduced admission fee like significantly
reduced I’ve I applied to one school and it costs one hundred and ninety five
dollars for one application but one application that’s insane like you take
the GMAT like Jerry that’s two hundred and fifty or 200 bucks down the drain
you’re probably taking all those other stuff there’s money flying everywhere
and then you finally get together to like press
send on your application and then you have to shell out like two hundred
dollars per school like I I think I said this before in another video like
business school is basically for rich people and there are it’s really
important to kind of spread the word about these kinds of organizations that
make it cheaper for you to get access to this kind of education and experience so
how cheap you might be asking me because I just got a random rant well you can
apply to up to two schools for one hundred and fifty dollars and you can
apply to up to six schools for three hundred dollars all the information is
gonna be on their website I will link it in the description below so that you can
get all of the prices but it’s just like wait a second I just told you right
like I’ve applied to one school for two hundred dollars and you’re telling me
that I can apply to two schools for one hundred and fifty dollars like what I
think I ended up applying to five schools in the consortium and that ended
up being two hundred and seventy-five dollars which is insane and a wonderful
wonderful money saver in this very expensive journey
you may be wondering which schools are in the consortium well the list is
growing every day but some of my favorites include the University of
Michigan yeah I mean the best school is on there so that’s all you need to know
right but if you’re interested in some other options there’s the University of
Virginia Darden School of Business oh yeah I’d you know what sidebar
I pee Peled to think that we’re brainwashed but it’d mean it’s just an
awesome school like you should go see it yourself anyway UCLA USC yeah there are
so many great schools in the consortium so I highly encourage you to check out
the website see if any of your desired schools are in the consortium and okay
there you go saved you some money right then and there
the consortium offers a common application so that you can apply to all
of these schools in one spot you hear me right one spot one website
one website and you can apply to up to six schools at a time on it so it is an
amazing time-saver it’s an amazing money saver and it supports an amazing amazing
amazing mission so let’s talk a little bit more about this application
basically all the components of your desired Schools business school
applications are still in there you’ll still have to do all of the essays for
each school that they require and then there is an additional consortium essay
and that is really meant for you to demonstrate your track record of
commitment to consortiums mission and to talk about how you plan to carry on that
mission when you are in business school definitely take it seriously because
this is your one shot to articulate your passion and commitment to the mission
and this is what determines if you’re admitted into the consortium now
admissions decisions for schools are strictly up to the admissions committees
at the respective schools consortium doesn’t have any bearing on whether or
not you get MIT admitted to schools so it’s just really important that you just
put your best foot forward in your consortium essay and then put your best
foot forward for all of your essays to the school’s what you’ll also notice in
the common application is a ranking for the fellowship so if you apply to six
schools and you have to rank your schools in order because it’s like this
weird like draft thing that happens I know that NFL Draft just happened and
basically what happens is that you rank your schools and the school that you
rank number one gets first dibs on offering you the fellowship so if you
rank University of Michigan as number one and you get admitted into the
University of Michigan then that means that the University of Michigan has a
first chance to offer you the fellowship if for some reason you didn’t get into
the University of Michigan and you got into your second ranked School then that
school has an opportunity to offer you the fellowship so that’s just a little
bit of game theory I think as of right now the schools can’t see your ranking
that was not the case when I was flying so you know thanks it
worked out anyway cuz I got into my number one school this is one of many
organizations that are dedicated to giving support to groups of people
there’s Forte for women there is a veterans organization there is an
organization for the lgbtq+ community like I if you’re interested in seeing
more videos about these organizations but like a fire emoji in the comments
below so I know that you want this content because there are so many great
organizations out there consortium is just one of them and this channel is not
just about the GRE it’s really about achieving hard things again the Business
School is a hard thing and I am really excited to expand the content to kind of
give the people the information they need to get one step closer to their
dreams so if you’re here for it and you like what you hear why don’t you just
subscribe down there down there down there somewhere and hey if you want
click the bell so you can be notified for the next really cool video again
consortium isn’t a phenomenal organization that has certainly changed
my life so if you think that someone you know may be interested in it please
please share this video spread the word because I want everyone who’s interested
in continuing the mission of increasing representation of underrepresented
minorities and just to make a more inclusive workplace and community I mean
the more the merrier we can use we can use more to join the ranks until next
time I’m Ashley and I will see you in the next video alright let you go

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