MBA Fellowships at HBS

MBA Fellowships at HBS

[MUSIC PLAYING] The first moment that I found
that I was getting into HBS, I was sitting in a meeting. I was sitting in a desk,
looking at the computer. I was very nervous. I decided, look, I’m going to
take a selfie video of myself checking this application. Yes! Whoo! Whoo! And it was the most incredible
feeling in the world. And then you kind
of stop and think, and you’re like, oh my gosh. This is really expensive. How am I going to pay for it? I’m not sure if I
was more happier when received the admit letter or
when I received the Fellowship letter. I felt really excited
when I found out that I got a Fellowship. And how generous it was. I felt like, wow this HBS
community really, really takes care of me. This is a place that I
want to really belong to. Fellowships allow you
to not worry, how am I going to get this paid off? Is my family OK? I wouldn’t have to graduate with
an enormous amount of student debt. HBS without Fellowships
would change where I lived, the
experience that I’ve had. There’s no way
that we would have been able to make this dream
a reality had it not been for a Fellowship. I think without
Fellowships you’d really lose a lot
of wonderful people who add so much diversity
to the classroom and diversity of thought. Without dissenting opinions
and different opinions from your own you will
have an incomplete picture of assessing a problem. To create impact which reaches
everybody in the world, we need to involve everybody
in the world in the business stream as well. We have people who
came from the military. And we have people who
came from nonprofits. Former teachers, folks who
participated in manufacturing or engineering. I’m just exposed
to all these views. And it has really
made me more aware. It’s pushed me in ways that
I never expected in my life. Having the HBS Fellowship has
impacted my choice of career trajectory after school. The Fellowship allows us to be
global leaders in education, and medicine, and health care. It’s given me the freedom
to choose to enter the social impact sector. Because I don’t have
the levels of debt, I am going to be spending
my time after graduation as a full time founder. Go back to India and
contributing to the society there. It’s really having the
confidence and the courage to say, dream big. You cannot believe how lucky
you are to have the privilege to think about what you want to
do and what your passions are. And do that every single
day for two years. It’s such a gift. I, for one, would not be
at HBS without your help. I’m so grateful
for the opportunity to really see myself grow in
ways that I never expected. Thank you, this
means so much to me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Thank you, from the
bottom of my heart. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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