Maximising Net Profit Within First Year of Coaching | Maxitile Growth Story

The biggest financial result since work
with ActionCOACH would be our 52% rise in net profit from the first year I think it was stressful and
a lot of time in the business rather than on it a lot of hours and basically
was new to us we’ve never had a business before so we was finding our way every
day I think was impressed with how much they said he could help us I think we were just
interested to see how how it could benefit us really
and obviously we was doing the same thing day in day out we had an
idea of what we want you to do and he said he could help us so we thought you
know what let’s give it a try and see how we go the 90 day plan is
important because it does give you a lot more focus where you’re going for the
next 90 days and you’ve got something to look at to work to so you can see where
you are obviously you can if you deviate from that you can change it to suit
yourself as you go along but yeah it’s a
definitely good strategy to use you know I’d say it took about six months to see
results financially well the first year with ActionCOACH we’ve grown by 52% net profit and we’ve forecasted for the next year to rise to 113% well we had an increase from a £3.9 million to £4.6 million yeah I think
they’re more the normal hours now instead of doing too many we can
actually have a bit of a life now as well which is good love to see my kids more
actually drop them at school or pick them up if needed and yeah there’s options to
where I can do things if I want to we did actually Mark introduced us to
give marketing strategy which we implemented we sent out lots of leaflets
to prospective clients and yeah we won the BEFA award for a
marketing yeah i think it was nice to be recognized the amount of work and effort
we put into it yeah we’ve introduced staff members to
the coaching as well could have realised that although we’re going through the
coaching it’s our staff that are helping us achieve these things we’re working
with us so it’s nice to get them involved as well so they can see where
our company is going so our plan now is to be able to take a step back in the
future to get the business systemised so it can run without us I would
definitely say so go with an open mind be prepared to listen and be prepared to
put the work in I would say it’s be a very good mood because he’s very easy to
get on with he talks to you in a language you understand
and he helps motivate ActionCOACH has helped us a lot to improve everything
really a way of life in the business outside of its helped us grow

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