Math Professor Pranks Business Conference in Jordan

Math Professor Pranks Business Conference in Jordan

No HDMI cable? Okay Wait a second, let me first explain
what this is. You may have seen me do some
pranks on my math class. Well, some people saw those
videos and asked me to do a similar prank to open the MENA ICT
conference in Jordan. This is the very first thing, the opening
of a technology conference, and I pretend to have all kinds
of technology problems. So, everyone stood for the
Jordanian national anthem, and as soon as it ended, I walked up to the podium, with no introduction,
no explanation, and here’s what happened. Good morning. Excuse me a minute here. Get everything plugged in Oh, it’s supposed to be HDMI. [Error Sound] No HDMI cable. Okay. Where’s the window? Oh, I see it. I see it here, hold on. Ah! Okay. Left to right? No. That looks wrong also. Right to left? Let me check these settings. I’m sorry about this ladies and gentlemen, we should have practiced ahead of time. Oh, you know what? If I do full screen, I
think it’ll work then. Let’s try that. Oh no! Okay, how about the other slide? No. Okay. Ah! Okay, it’s working. Good, I’m glad it’s working. The theme is “Innovative Technology”
so of course, that’d be embarrasing if it didn’t work. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to… Oh, no. Okay. We’re going to have to skip the PowerPoint. Let me just do the YouTube thing. I know that
that caused some problems earlier. But, it’s better than this. Ah, there we go.>>Good morning, ladies and
gentlemen, your excellencies, and welcome to the 2018 Middle East and North Africa Information…>>Farther from the edge.
I think this is better, no?>>I don’t like this place, either.>>No?>>You know what? It should be
farther over there.>>Okay. Help yourself.>>Okay, alright, sorry about that.
Let me start over.>>Go ahead.>>Good morning, ladies and gentlemen,
your excellencies, and welcome to the Middle… Hey! What is that thing?>>I don’t know. The internet’s slow, too?>>Get that out of here. What’s going on here? Oh, I don’t like this browser,
let me try a different one.>>Chrome is right there. Oh, okay.>>Aha!>>Yeah, you could just use this one instead, if you want.>>Ah! Much better. Okay! Good morning, ladies and gentlemen,
your excellencies, and welcome…>>Oh, no! I knew we shouldn’t have used a YouTube video! Look at all these problems! See this whole mess? This whole mess, this is all your fault.>>It’s not my fault. I think it’s your computer.>>My computer?>>Here, let me see it.>>Uh-oh! Here, I’ll bring it back to there. Oh, dear! How can I get back? Let’s see. How can I find my way? This way, maybe? Hey, where did that other guy go? We don’t need him. Let me see if I can find some other video
that will take care of all these problems with the lights and everything! Let me see here… Ah-ha! I think I found it. Welcome to the MENA ICT Forum 2018 in Jordan. Where we find solutions with the new I.T.
– Innovative Technology. Matthew, thanks for the try. Peter, please start the show. [Applause] I thought it went well. I will tell you though, it’s much different than doing
this kind of prank in front of a classroom, where the
students know me. But the response was good, and afterwards people came up to me and told me they liked it. Also, we really enjoyed the visiting Jordan. We met lots of great people, had
some really good food, and were able to spend the day at
Petra before returning home. If you want to see more pictures and hear
more about the trip, check out my personal YouTube Channel, where
I show those kinds of things. Okay, thanks for watching.

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  1. The fact that he pulled this off in front of a whole conference speaks volumes about the lengths he goes to just to have fun. Absolute legend.

  2. One day, Matthew will actually be harmed by the browsers and windows that are thrown out of the videos, and that'll just be part of the prank

  3. Дааа там чета есть те как роботы сидели, даже не улыбнулись, как так можно

  4. Good to see new Videos from you again. At first I was expecting to Learn Maths from your Videos hehehe. But seeing those old windows and the tricks made me go back to where I started as an IT student.

  5. YES I’m actually happy this guy uploaded again I was waiting for him to upload his videos are the best I really wish he was my teacher tbh

  6. Y’know I feel like to make it more believable he should work on his acting a bit more I do kinda cringe in some of these, but I think he needs to work on his acting skills just so it makes it seem more legit. But overall I really liked his videos.

  7. this was amazing. from a math teacher to opening a tech conference in jordan. what a world we live in..

    i like how at the start you expect a dumb boomer who's seriously in trouble, and in the end you realize you're the one getting pranked.

  8. I was the First viewer (no joke) ! xD
    Found this vid Random!

    A few days ago in his Pranks playlist. ^^
    Was hidden as I saw it.

  9. My problem area is the Measurement of a Minor Arc formed by an Inscribed Angle. Could someone tell me in simpler terms than my math book is trying to tell me?

  10. Me encantaría entender lo que dice, eres una inspiración para mí que soy docente y busco nuevas formas de impartir clases, la primera vez.. me puse tan nerviosa. Te vi hace años y siempre quise hacer algo así, hasta apenas este año.
    Gracias!!! 🙂

  11. I think they didn’t get it was a prank until you started talking to yourself 😂 we see that as super cool hope they did too! Perfect intro to a tech conference IMO

  12. It's one thing to prank your students, but to prank a business conference? Matthew, you are simply amazing. You're the kind of person we need more of.

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