Mastery Transcript Consortium: Re-inventing how students prepare for college, career, and life.

Mastery Transcript Consortium: Re-inventing how students prepare for college, career, and life.

bjbjr STACY CALDWELL: The MTC is a collection
of high schools that is really seeking to reinvent how students prepare for college,
career, and life. Our transcript is a game changer. We move from a flat, two-dimensional
transcript to a rich, interactive transcript that reflects the full range of skills and
talents that a student really demonstrates over the four years of their education. DERBY:
The Mastery Based Transcript definitely portrays the student in a more wholistic view, because
college admissions officers, or anyone looking at it, can see the student as a whole; from
what they are really good at, to what they haven t been so good at. Whereas a traditional
one, you really couldn t see that. You just see a grade. You don t see the story behind
it. TONY WAGNER: I think ultimately, the students who will benefit most from the Mastery Transcript
Consortium approach, are those students who really need new forms and new ways of showing
what they are capable of doing and what they have already accomplished. BARRY FISHMAN:
When I first read about the Mastery Transcript Consortium, I was immediately impressed by
the idea. At a place like Michigan, we get many, many more students applying, so finding
a way to distinguish yourself as an individual is really important. What I m excited about
for Mastery Transcript is the idea that a student could actually build a case about
who they are, on top of evidence than can be linked directly to that student portfolio.
KALEB RASHAD: For the past 19 years, we ve been engaged in learning experiences that
are rich and meaningful and wholistic and powerful for young people. And it just makes
sense that we would like, use a tool like the Mastery Transcript in order to actually
capture the richness of those experiences, instead of reducing them into numeric grade,
which is very, very shallow. STEVEN SWENSEN: Every teacher, every administrator, every
person that I ve interacted with from the Mastery Transcript Consortium, wants better
outcomes for students. ERIN: I think that college admissions officers will look at my
body of work differently because of the depth of the work. We actually had to use different
outlets to prove that we learned something. So it wasn t just a one time thing. We had
to do it multiple times to show that we really understood the skills that we were being taught.
JAMALDEEN: Colleges are much more able to see the type of student that you are and how
much you re willing to work, so they really get a sense of you as a person. SUJATA BHATT:
My mission is to create opportunities for kids who don t come from privledge, to have
access to innovation. Equity means that all kids have access and equal access to opportunities
to demonstrate their full selves to enable themselves to take advantage of opportunities
that they are interested in to move their lives and their work forward. STACY CALDWELL:
The work of Mastery Learning is at it s core, equity work. Our overall goal is that we are
building a transcript that can truly help transform education for every single student.
As we ve been talking with colleges, we re excited about what we ve been hearing. First
and foremost, colleges are saying: This is the right answer for students. They know that
these educational models are the right sort of preparation for students. They are excited
by the work that the MTC is doing and ready to engage in a new admission process with
students who frankly have been going through an educational model that s deeply engaging
and fulfilling for them. HEATHER HOERLE: I believe there s a revolution coming when it
comes to thinking about higher education and how you present yourself as a student. One
size never fit all. It can t, right? We re all unique; we all have unique potential and
that s exactly what MTC is all about. DERBY: This is such a great transcript, because it
really does show the whole student. As a senior going into college in a couple of months,
I wish that my college admisions officers were able to see me as a whole student, and
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