Master of International Business @ Curtin Singapore: Dikshita’s Story

Master of International Business @ Curtin Singapore: Dikshita’s Story

I chose to do a Master of International Business
because MBA is very common in India, and because most of the companies are now going global,
MIB seems to be a better option. [Indian language] When I did my research, I found that Curtin is one of the very good schools, and because
they have a campus in Singapore and it’s close to home and they have a one year degree, I chose Curtin Singapore. The teaching method in the classroom is very different from what
I had in India. Here it’s more practically orientated. We have one hour of classes and the rest is just discussions. So it’s not just lessons over and over again, you discuss what’s going
on in the outside world. So this time when I went back to India, when I had conversations with my friends, I found that I knew more than what they knew. The group discussions are basically that we are put into groups with people from different nationalities, so I’m
not always with the Indians. That way I get to know how the businesses are run in Indonesia, or Germany or Vietnam. We all have become friends now, and it’s much easier to communicate
and do our projects together. The professors I have are all doctorates and they are running their own businesses while they teach us. So studying International Business
from such professors is really good and we get to know what’s really happening in the
business world and not just in books. So I would say the level of knowledge is far beyond excellent. I would definitely say I have changed as a
person from coming here and studying. I am more independent. Also I’ve become more responsible. Once I have finished studying here I would like to work for a year to gain experience
and then start my own business. Curtin is definitely helping me reach my dream because
I know how to get my sources better, I know how the business world works and to negotiate. I’m more prepared to go and face things better now. I would definitely recommend Curtin Singapore to other people.

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  2. Hii Dikshita,
    I want to do masters in international business management from Singapore. I have completed my graduation with 52% . Is it possible to get admission in your university? Please I need your answer. Please

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