Martin Lawrence and Will Smith Binge-Watched Bad Boys 1 and 2 Together

-If you want to go see Martin, you’re on tour right now with
the Lit AF Tour. -Yes.
-And it is — What a great line-up
you have here. -Yes.
-You’re starting January 31st, back on the road doing standup. Do you just always want
to do standup? Just keep it?
-Yes, that’s my baby. That’s where I started at. And the fans and all that
supported me from day one always come out and see me. And so now I get
a chance to take the young, hottest comedians out
and present them to the world. -Yeah. And it’s a great —
[ Cheers and applause ] It really is an awesome line-up. Lil Rel, he’s been on.
I know Hannibal — Earthquake, Jay Pharoah. This is all — Tommy Davidson.
It’s killer. So if you want to see Martin and
all these guys, go check out the
Lit AF Tour hosted by Martin. Now let’s get into
“Bad Boys For Life.” That’s what I’m talking about. Dude, everyone’s buzzing.
[ Cheers and applause ] Everyone’s buzzing.
It looks so good. -Thank you.
-We had Will here yesterday talking about it.
-Yeah. -And we showed the clip,
and you’re super funny. Was it odd coming back and doing
these guys again? -No, it wasn’t odd. I was just wondering if we would
pick up that chemistry that we had 16
and 25 years ago. And once we did the first scene,
it was like riding a bike. We picked right back up. -I heard that you guys watched
the first two back-to-back just to kind of get
in the characters’ heads. -Yeah, we did, just to remember
kind of where we were back then. And, you know — -Was it weird doing
that with Will? -No, it was cool. You know, Will is just one of
the best to work with, man. He’s one of the best to do it. -He really is a class act.
-Class act, man. One of the best.
-Yeah, he was saying to me, he’s like, that he had to,
like, just kind of, like, kind of bite his tongue
because you’re just so funny. That he just wanted to let you
do your thing, get the giant laughs. He’s like, “I want to be
funny too.” You’re like, “No.”
Let Martin be funny. Let Martin be funny. How can we set this one up
for this new one? “Bad Boys For Life.”
-It’s hard. Well, we’re going in different
directions. I want to retire, and he still
has some unfinished business. That’s as much as I really
can tell you without giving away the story. But you’ve got to see it
because I think it’s probably the best story
of the three. So check it out.
I think you’re gonna like — -That’s what Will was saying,
too. ‘Cause I said,
“Why did it take so long?” He was like, “I wanted to make
sure the script was good.” -Yeah, yeah. -“This is actually
a good script.” -He would call me one month,
say, “I think we’re there.” Then they’d call me
six months later, “I think we’re almost there.” Then they’d call me two years
later. [ Laughter ]
“Okay, we’re finally there. Okay, let’s do it.”
-Yeah. So, yeah, now we’re animated. It’s a cartoon now. It’s really, really funny. I
wanted to show everyone a clip. Here’s Martin Lawrence
and Will Smith in “Bad Boys For Life.”
Take a look. -Excuse me.
Excuse me. Ah, that’s — That’s the right spot
for me right there. Ah. -No, Marcus. -We fly together,
we die together. -What?
-Oh, no. That’s just something we say. It’s all good.
It ain’t — oh, I can see how that
got y’all a little — Uh, where y’all from? [ Laughter ]
[ Cheers and applause ] -Martin Lawrence, everybody!

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