Marta Vignola – Royal Academy of Engineering Fellowship

Marta Vignola – Royal Academy of Engineering Fellowship

The fellowship of the Royal Academy of
Engineering allows me to focus mainly on doing research, the research that I am
passionate about and it is a great and unique opportunity and when I received
the news that I got it I was very happy and very excited. I am developing
low-cost treatment, biological treatment for the removal of microbial and
chemical contaminants from water for producing safer and healthier drinking
water. I’m specifically developing this technology in collaboration with some
University in Brazil and a water company in Brazil. The reason why I chose to
collaborate with Brazil is because Brazil is one of the biggest consumer or
pesticides in the world and the pesticides then trickle and pollute the
river and the surface water which is the source of our drinking water. I know it
is a big issue that still a lot of people lack access to safe drinking
water and it’s something that is really resonate with me and I and I want with
my research to help us to get us closer for example to the global, to UN
global goals of water access, to water for everybody by 20.. by in the 2030. Well
Glasgow University it is I think one of the best university in terms of support
to early career researchers. They really push you to become an independent
researcher, they have, the university has a lot of possibilities for small internal
funding and while I was a PDR, like a research postdoc here I could apply
for different small funding and this really allowed me to bloom as a
researcher and develop my independency.

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