Markets surge after Trump tweets a possible China deal

Markets surge after Trump tweets a possible China deal

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  1. Yup, the markets surged after he gave himself and his trust fund buddies a massive tax breaks, and they all bought their own stocks to artificially inflate the market….. Now WE the tax payers, will be paying for those trust fund tax breaks. Same old BS different decade. Our economy is being held together with spit and toilet paper, the crash is looming. Those tariffs are being set into play to also pay for the trust funder tax breaks, and, let's not forget who will be hit the hardest by the tariffs, the working class of America………….

  2. It's amazing the markets still trust anything this con man says. He lies constantly and takes credit for everything he played no part in. Gullible public. How'd that nuclear deal work out with Kim Jong Un?

  3. The US will bring red china to its knees just like we did with the soviet union. China will collaspe before the us will. Its only a matter of time

  4. of course trump wants to work a deal with China. he wants to keep the door open. he may need to undercut America and buy more Chinese steel to build another trump tower. at the very least it means the shelves in his gift shop remain stocked.

  5. The deliberate dumbing down of humanity has been very effective when most people don’t even realize that this is all theater. There are families that literally have a monopoly on the authority to create money. That literally means that they own everything. If you can’t comprehend that, you are a victim of the deliberate dumbing down of humanity.

  6. The Market is moving up base on a Tweet. The top 1% Rich will move out of the Market in time. The foolish lottery players Middle Class will be stuck holding the bag, as always!

  7. He has been doing this for 2 years now and the brilliant people on Wall Street keep letting him lank their chain? The real investigation will be on who has been trading with advanced warning of these tweets.

  8. manipulating the market…he does it all the time…wonder if cronies get a heads up first so they can work the profiteering from it…hmm..

  9. The same people who claimed drumpf would be impeached in his first year are the ones who claimed he would launch a nuclear war and the US economy would crash. None of this has happened three years in and I'm still waiting for these Canadians to move.

  10. What a Joke.. Trump tweets their up, Trump tweets, their down. This is just a run up to the top and them smack everyone's jaws fall the the floor.. with their stock portfolios and only the active day traders are going to win, because they are waiting for it to blow so they can make fake money on fake return to highs. Wall Street is the biggest lie in our economy today. All thanks to Trump, Republicans and Reagan! Gasp!

  11. I think this is sick. America betrayed a generation of manufacturing workers in this country due to outsourcing and built up china and is the cause of the trade problems with china. Now because you're scared and sweating you celebrate that father china gives you a break and gives you a chance to cover-up america's betrayal. All because of profits and shareholders. Plus they mentored the Chinese while disregarding the US worker. They claimed they couldn't find qualified workers in the us but the truth is they out-engineered the degree'd us worker. Sick. (Can't prove it's true but it probably is)

  12. Pull ALL the American companies OUT of China. I'd rather pay higher prices knowing it's going to AMERICAN workers. Let them figure out their own economy without stealing from us.

  13. LOL Never heard this before. If the economy is so great, why are we running a trillion dollars + to keep the lights on each year?

  14. Can we get trump to verify if this is "fake news" or not? I'm not sure these days ?

    It's amazing how all these 'great things' been happening since the impeachment inquiry. No one is calling it 'fake news', hmm, i wonder …

  15. How many times will people be fooled by this ? It's not like the first, second, or even third time the buffoon has pulled this stunt. Kick him to the curb.

  16. If you have a membership to Mar-a-Lago, you get the inside news on when Trump is going to tweet another China deal so you can get your stock orders in. All that insider trading more than pays for the price of membership.

  17. Markets surge after Trump manipulates market, most likely for personal profit, because he clearly doesn't give fuckall about America

  18. Other than pressuring the Fed to lower interests, this version of "crying wolf" has been this president's most effective trick for raising the DJI. I believe this is the 6th time he has invoked this tactic?

  19. Attention all Dems. If you had not wasted everyone's time with a witchhunt and instead spent your time trying to help with deals this could have been done a long time ago.

  20. Capitalism is a failed, dying system. On top of which it is a profound anti-humanism. You are either against capitalism or against humanity.

  21. The problem is that he is lying and has been talking about the China deal. Lets hear from China that this is true now. A real problem is that republicans believe whatever he says.

  22. Why don't you people talk about the huge deficits the Republicans have created? Why is it you are as quiet as a mouse while the Republicans are creating them? But as soon as a Democrat occupies the white house you blame them and want swift action on reducing them.

  23. The Markets love a lie. Tweet posted right on market open, the so called deal will only be retractions from the original Trump trade mess in the first place.

  24. The markets were good prior. Forget China. We're doing good without them and they haven't been as well off without us. Lets leverage this opportunity for maximum potential instead of focusing on the economic side of it.

  25. Noooo!! It just came out that they are decoupling from buying our computers!!! I hope he doesn't do it. They are liers, how can you trust anything they say?

  26. Trump up and down on China. Inside trading on trump team. Next week…no deal. It's a insider trading scam headed by trump.

  27. Of course Trump is saying this. The House is talking impeachment and he's throwing another false ad out for distraction.

  28. Trump is breaking his promises and selling American?? again for his political gains by agreeing with the cheating Chinese??.

  29. Democrats top 1% richest, that news to me. Someone need to tell the Walton, Koch, Mars, Van Damme, Dumas, Wertheimer, Ambani and Trump Families they are Democrats not Republicans. What most Poor and Middle Class do not understand that the Top 0.1% Rich do not care about Parties or People. They use us like slaves, separating us by parties, class, and race and controlled by the Central Bank.

  30. China waits till almost the very end to see if Trump would possibly have no chance of winning a second term and then knowing that he would,try to make a deal….make em pay ..Trump.

  31. Don't make a deal with evil CCP Chinese. If you do, you would pay heavy price later on!, Trust me CCP Chinese is a gangster, thugs, and very evil regime!

  32. The Communist China GOV will NEVER abide by any agreements and commitments. To constrain communism by contract, only failure! One billion China people in less than 1 dollar a day in food, China claims to be powerful.

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