Marist: Sprout Creek Farm Fellows

(upbeat music) Yup. We can all take turns okay. -This is my first time working on a farm. -This is my first experience on a farm. -Since I grew up with farming,
and I know a lot of kids don’t, and it’s really great to teach
them. -Around in little circles. -To get the dirt out of them?
-Yup. So I am a fellow and
essentially I guide the kids through daily activities. Such as going to the
creek, dealing with animals, -Teaching the kids about kind of like farm-to-table and how a farm works, -HALLIE: To kind of integrate education into the farming life experience. So they get to live on the farm and do all the chores, while also learning about the animals. -ANNIKA: So just kind of teaching them what they can’t learn inside a classroom. (Goat bleats) -HALLIE: My favorite part is the kids’ faces when they are like the first night
on the farm. -They see a calf and they’re like ‘oh my gosh this thing is crazy!’ -HALLIE: They all kind of make little families of goats. So they’ll like rename them and
like the goats will follow them around. They love it. They have so much fun. FRANK: And obviously the chickens, they don’t have names. -HALLIE: I think it’s an advantage
for Marist to have this farm. I really want to go into school psychology. Being an overnight camp
counselor is perfect for that. -In the future, as a clinical psychologist, I do hope to work with kids. Partially that’s one reason why I wanted to be a counselor here. It’s practice for the future I guess. ANNIKA: I just thought it was a great
opportunity. Get outside and learn how to teach kids, ’cause I’ve never actually really worked with kids. I think I’m gonna miss it, quite honestly. I love being on a farm. I always have. So I think I’m gonna miss it in a few months. Maybe I’ll try to see if I can get a job here over the winter.

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