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  1. What in the fuck? This is mind boggling, how in the fuck is this so universally acclaimed, but on the opposite side of the spectrum, anything firearms related is immediately jaw-droppingly shunned and offensive?

    Man, I support all of the positive effects from marijuana and what cbd and what not, I mean shit, I was a die hard stoner from 15 to my early 20s.

    But come on guys, wake the fuck up. And stop being so closed minded and extremely hypocritical with hobbies and lifestyles that you do not enjoy partaking or that you might disagree with.

    This is the United States of America, the only country that you have the upmost FREEDOM do what ever makes you happy doing, whether that’s going to the gun range and competing against other professional shooters, or if it’s just sitting around smoking your weed and chilling all day. Because in reality, At the end of the day we are all AMERICANs.

    Not trying to hate or disrespect with this, I just wanted to state something that I see as a valid point of perspective.

  2. For the love of everything DO NOT use radiation as your only option … Its a numbers game with BIG Pharma there not going to take everyone out as if they did people would catch on to its affects . If more people use cannabis the pharmaceutical companies would not make no money .

  3. Funny thing is that the same people who would disagree with this probably dont even care that doctors feed kids adderall xans and all the other prescription drugs

  4. The kid sure enjoys herself.
    Tbh, substances that come from cannabis are much better than chemo, it's like. Kids drink caffeine in some households. Most people would be fine. And why do people see cannabis as bad, is because it was illegal for so long. I bet your ass if caffeine was illegal for so long too, everyone would have the same reaction.

  5. just ask yourself how many times you've seen a completely drunk parent around their children… now why is that socially acceptable?

  6. It's in the Bible the main ingredient in the holy anointed oil – (look it up for yourself) – of the AFRO-ASIATIC people in the bible( the favourite Aroma of the afro-asiatic afro God the creator of everything) ,, yes "Afro" jews the real one's(black people/jungle people/Garden people/afro Shem people,, they have nothing to do with Africanz/Ham if u want to be frank everybody come's from Africa after the flood,, EVERYBODY!!!!! Even white people whom come from the 10 Barbarian/Tartarian tribes that were pushed Out of Africa because they started looking like Dalmatians and ended up going to Neander Valley )……. Know the true History!!!!!

  7. Cigarette than that can kill: make it legal!
    Marijuana That cures cancers .and chill u down: Bitch excuse me?

  8. I dont like the sight of getting kids high . Its cant be good for her mental Health . However being a Cana head my self i am glad people are seeing the good side of THC

  9. Big pharma wants to hide all this from us but I'm glad to see it coming to light finally!!! There's still so many misinformed people out here tho who think cannabis is harmful. My great grandmother and grandfather died from alzheimers and their finding now that smoking weed helps with that so if my stepdad ever starts showing signs of alzheimers I'm definitely going to be a strong pusher for him to start using cannabis. I've already changed my mom's, who's a nurse, mind about the benefits of CBD. She's started using the gummies to help with sleep and anxiety and was just using them for pain management after hurting her knee bad. Cannabis is literally a miracle drug and that's why it's illegal!! I'm hoping to start farming hemp next spring

  10. I hate how they say " They believe it shrinks tumors " no it's literally been proven that it shrink cancerous and tumorous cells in the body.

  11. our government knew exactly what they were doing when they made this plant illegal. just think, aaaall the money they got from us for being sick and having only their drug solutions to aid us, not to mention, their solutions not only don't work, but make you barley alive to continue with their charade of patient-doctor health care propaganda.

  12. I hate that I’m still somewhat indoctrinated by the media. I saw this thumbnail and instantly thought it was wrong when in reality it’s saving lives. Despite the fact I use cannabis recreationally and for pain medication for sciatica there’s a subconscious level that makes it feel wrong giving it to kids

  13. I support them whatever doctors recommend and it's good for our children we must stand by the recommendations of our doctors.

  14. Now we have to understand that Dad has to be extremely responsible. Very cautious to make sure the capsules do not get into the wrong hands

  15. I personally don’t have anything to say against that obviously being a regular smoker myself I do know what it feels like but to be honest is it really safe isn’t she at risk of being addicted?

  16. It's so stupid weed is illegal and cigarettes are NOT. The government can't make money on weed because everyone can grow it…, but people can't grow tabacco because it takes to time and instruments and a lot of money and even alcohol , the government can make money off it by taxes…

  17. Men like Jeff sessions who try and take healing medicine away from innocent kids are nothing but scum. He don't deserve to live his last miserable years of life free. Lock him up with the rest of the drumpt team. Legalize all natural medicines on a federal level or be voted out.

  18. "Just Say No" was an advertising campaign prevalent during the 1980s and early 1990s as a part of the U.S. "War on Drugs", aiming to discourage children from engaging in illegal recreational drug use by offering various ways of saying no.

  19. Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) is an education program that seeks to prevent use of controlled drugs, membership in gangs, and violent behavior.

  20. What amazing, loving parents. Anybody against this doesn't know what its like to watch their children fight for their life against a ugly, evil disease or disorder like cancer or epilepsy. Im amazed at how fast she had her remission, I wonder if she reacted so well to the cannabinoids because of her youth.

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