Maria Bartiromo warns against knee-jerk reactions to market selloff

Maria Bartiromo warns against knee-jerk reactions to market selloff

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  1. We won't have a serious outbreak in the US unless the Democrats encourage Latin America to storm our southern border. DEMOCRAT OPEN BORDERS COMING.

  2. Like President Donald Trump says, American companies should get out of China. He said that a year ago. Oh by the way, Chinese government puts hundreds of thousands of citizens in camps. Bernie Sanders will be doing the same thing. Anyone asks for free stuff goes to a camp more life. Welcome to socialism communism Democratic Party

  3. This is a global markets dip, yet the left celebrates it as a US economic failure and proof Trump is incompetent. Idiots abound.

  4. I personally think,someone needs to look into the possibility that the corona virus virus could have come out of North Korea, President Kim promised that he had a surprise for us after the new year (this year ) just a thought, I don’t recall any reports coming out of North Korea. Pres Kim did promise us a surprise for the new year?, he hasn’t been doing much saber rattling 🧐


  5. President Trump is traveling with family in India. He has been traveling the USA. So has his children been traveling in USA. I prefer not to panic.

  6. China has cremated the bodies as soon as they are found to help control the spread. Unfortunately, it also makes it difficult to know an accurate count of deaths.

  7. Told you that was happening. Next, it will halt the markets and next one is coming soon. Slight recovery after $3 trillion losses in economy in two days.

  8. WAKE UP, PEOPLE! The GOP is NEVER going to support American built products, because manufacturing here costs too much in terms of labor. That's why they broke the unions, closed the factories and sent the blue collar jobs and industrial infrastructure we used to have to China. Republicans HATE American workers. They HATE labor. They'll sell them a bill of goods about how they're on labor's side, but where are all those new manufacturing jobs? Mining jobs? Farm jobs? In China. In India. In Mexico. That's where.

  9. Really? China not making coffe mugs is what you tell us is causing this!? It’s debt you fools. Debt. The debt bubble has been hit with a needle. Sure this virus has caused a big problem with supply chain but what we are about to experience is the largest bubble pop from debt.

  10. Difficult to have confidence in the global markets when the global leaders display weakness and ineptitude. No one has called the Communists out for mishandling their society. No one has called out the WHO and the CDC for misinformation and bungling. I am not going to take everything out of the market. But I am moving everything to Au AG and there are some great buys in energy i expect to double my money in four years investing in ——— energy, wouldn't you like to know…….

  11. “ I saw this coming” so did I 30 years ago and every year since then…and of course nobody cared to pay attention. Cheap prices this way, is very, very expensive.

  12. Covid-19 is the flu on a cup of coffee not steroids. Just another medial fake scare for clicks & govt power & pharm money. The source of this thing is manipulative Pravda media driven – nuff said.

  13. Note to Varney & Company.
    Traditionally, Democrats make up 1/3 of Voters, Republicans make up 1/3 of Voters with Independents (Swing Voters) making up the Remaining 1/3 of the Voters

  14. investors = suckers. You think the real money will be holding the stock when it becomes worthless, that's what 'investors' are for. Roll up roll up!

  15. Market corrections happen and its up to the investor to use opportunities to sell when its getting real high, it also depends a lot on age, if you are close retirement better to be safe than sorry you get out of stocks that made a good run and get into interest bearing instruments.

  16. SEL'OV'ALW'-sold over, always. Hence; that's usually- the black market! No one, uses grammar correctly? American English, uses Hawaiian ENG'LISH' illegally. ING'TO'–Spoke with you. Many,
    Satanists indeed, in politics. Citizenry!

  17. People sell, over another's(hetero), channels. CD-ROMs– Film music– data sheets.
    VIR'US'– We, viewed your recollections. Hence illegally. VA hospitals, Colleges, DD-214s.

  18. To quote a Trump tweet from February 2015: “If the Dow Joans [yes, that's how he spells it] ever falls more than 1000 ”points” in a Single day the sitting president should be “loaded” into a very big cannon and Shot at TREMENDOUS SPEED! No excuses!”

  19. Not phased a bit. Two good things came out of this. 1). Allows for a Market correction. 2). Shines light on the shortfalls in domestic drug production and products and resources critical to national security.

  20. If you spook this easy you should not own stocks. I had some friends sell everything back in 2008 when it tanked and it eventually came roaring back. That's the market for you. ALWAYS play it for the long haul.

  21. TIME LINE 2:44……..Has CHINA ever been HONEST with the WORLD? A COMMUNIST Country that is ANTI-GOD, no human rights. The Christians are persecuted for their FAITH in JESUS CHRIST. Blessed be our beloved sons and daughters of JESUS CHRIST the Lord, The JEWISH MESSIAH.. Amen.

  22. TIME LINE 2:54…..CHINESE NEWS REPORTS have said; Wuhan, China BIO-LAB P 4….is where the VIRUS 19 came from. IT IS NO MYSTERY.

  23. Great time to buy into the market. I love a good sell off.
    The market has never stayed down. I’m retired now and living large. A good deal of my wealth was made after the ‘87-8 and ‘08-9 sell offs.

  24. The World Health Organization is CORRUPT and is influenced by China. And we pay for most of The WHO budget! YouTube: ChinaUncensored, they’ll show you everything you need to know

  25. I suspect this is one of China's Bio weapons that escaped containment and that is why they won't allow the CDC to go in and determine patient ZERO!

  26. Why are you ignoring the elephants in the room? The collapsing bond market and or burgeoning debt, to mention just two things.

  27. Don’t worry everyone, Trump won’t allow the Market to drop, if it does, he will fire Wall Street.😂😂😂😂Dumb Trumpers😂😂.

  28. This market is overdue for a correction. You cant make money on a flat line and markets do not go up for ever. Look for the bottom put more into the markets. We are in a double top exspect more down side to this. Be ready to buy just like in 2008 n 2009 but we have a real president not Obama so the market wont be flat for 8 years.

  29. I remember the ebola crisis and the Obama Admin refused to take any action. "Oh…if we stopped flights from west Africa that would just make it worse." WTF?

  30. Buy gold and silver and otherwise don’t be riding in every short term bump when investing is all about long term. The stock market is over priced and silver and gold are still undervalued in nominal terms. No brainer Felicia.

  31. Having these two on a program at Fox would e wonderful…look how well they play-off of each other. It would be the best !

  32. We are finally seeing the failure of outsourcing manufacturing to China. But will corporate American learn any lesson. i doubt it.

  33. Gavin Newsom people have stopped the people's California from taking the VOTE to recall him ( no kidding Gavin Newsom liberal social Warriors have stopped the people from voting there Gavin Newsom out?????

  34. i'll take my money n run , you keep your money in ! i'll wait 5 yrs for next recovery cuz this crash overdue by 5 yrs n when it goes it is over n over for a long time !!!

  35. Donald Trump’s doctor has admitted that he has to treat the President like a toddler in order to get him to eat his vegetables. The doctor says that he has had to hide cauliflower in his mashed potatoes just to get the President to occasionally eat something healthy. The doctor, Ronny Jackson, also admitted that they had to hide the ice cream from Trump lol

  36. Trump, has done nothing but expand the swamp. Trump knows that the markets are fragile because they rest on Trump pumping $3.6 trillion in debt (so far) into the economy but that only bought him 1 percentage point of unemployment below Obama’s last quarter. Trump fired the leaders of the CDC’s Pandemic department because they were hired by Obama…BUT HE NEVER REPLACED THEM. And he cut their funding for 3 years. The CDC is going to be in trouble if the Corona virus gets loose in the US.

  37. If only Americans are willing to get paid minimum wage maybe American companies don't have the need to out source jobs but no you wanna get paid more than a minimum wage even if you don't have proper skill and education.

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