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Hi friends, welcome to small business ideas in this video. We are going to see about unique business idea This is not manly and unique business idea. But also this good to our environment this business is about how to convert Agriculture waste paper waste wood waste and cardboard waste into charcoal or wood The name of this business is briquette business What is the use of this business and how much profit you would get in this business? I will tell you full details at the end of this video First what is briquette business? how to do this business? what things needed to start this business? how to take charcoal or wood from waste First you have to collect agriculture waste such as waste leaves fallen tree branches waste newspapers and waste cardboards after that Take steel container like this and put all the waste in this container then make a fire under steel container Then after some time switch off the fire and take waste ashes in this container and put it outside under sunlight Then take a flour and mix it with water Mix it it turns like paste Then add that mixture with the ashes for 10 kg of ashes you how to mix 1kg of flour paste After mixing you have to put this mixture in extruder machine. You will get this type of charcoal This is called briquetteing charcoal. Let’s see about machine details Manual hand operated machine you can use this machine in hand itself then Semi-automatic machine another one is large automatic machine You can get this Manual hand operated machine under 15 K If you want to start the business with low investment, you can buy this machine Semi automatic machine you can buy it under 60 K. It will produce 50 to 70 kg in 8 hours The rate of large machine starts from 2 lakhs to 15 lakhs this machine needs large Space it will produce 24 per kg in one hour Let’s see where these briquette charcoal used Glass manufacturing companies rubber industries food industries leather industries chemical industries In these companies they use charcoal for many firing process They even use wood to fire because of this lots of trees are destroying But we are taking charcoal from a agricultural wastes, paper wastes and cardboard wastes After making this charcoal we are giving it to these companies because of this We are saving our environment and please the cost of manufacturing briquette charcoal from waste is very low You can get good profits in this business with very low manufacturing cost Who will buy this briquette charcoal? Rubber industries chemical industries milk plants ceramic industries food processing industries spinning mills leather industries gasifier system applications If you get order from these companies, they will definitely buy in bulk quantities You can sell 1 kg briquettes charcoal from rupees 15 to 20 Manufacturing cost of briquettes charcoal at larger quantity is only to rupees 2 to rupees 3 You will get profit of above 500 % Just approach industries and get order they will continuously give more orders. They will give you For every month initially start with small machine You need a LAND to burn wastes and its process You need to recruit employees to collect waste and burning process and machine operations Only for land and salary for employees you need investment at first this business seems to be difficult but if you have the investment amount and if you got orders from more companies You can earn more profits, even you can earn in lakhs per month. This is a social entrepreneurship business initially You can start this business with 2 to 3 lakhs There are lots of videos regarding this business available in YouTube watch those videos You will get complete idea about this business If you have any doubts, please leave a comment below If we like this video, please share with your friends and subscribe to small business ideas. Thanks for watching

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