Manager’s Update: Gilbert’s Northwest Employment Area

Manager’s Update: Gilbert’s Northwest Employment Area

Hi I’m Town Manager Patrick Banger in
this week’s managers update I’m here with Amanda Elliott Redevelopment Manager for the Town of Gilbert to talk about our city of the future initiative and
our focused efforts around our Northwest employment area, Amanda could you talk to
us about what we’re doing down there and why it’s important for the town? Yeah thanks, Patrick I’m really excited to be here today so first I think it’s
important to qualify where the Northwest employment area is, so
essentially its Baseline Road to just South of Elliott and then from Arizona
Avenue just to East of Cooper Road so that kind of defines the boundaries it’s
not a perfect square but that’s essentially the area and it’s an area
that’s our most mature employment area it’s also the densest in relationship to
how many jobs are in that area and in the past it was really qualified by
manufacturing and distribution and we’ve seen a tremendous amount of science,
technology, engineering, and math-related occupations so when you think about that
that’s like aerospace and defense and employers like Northrop Grumman but we
also have seen that the market change in that area so we’re seeing additional
users who are changing the use from an industrial building to more office so we
see that with GoDaddy who’s a large employer in the area and this all
parlays into the city of the future initiative because our goal is to really
look at our maturing areas in the community and to ensure that they remain
a vibrant place for businesses and a place that people really ultimately want
to live work and play and so we started this initiative with the Urban Land
Institute by kicking it off having the them come in and do a panel discussion
so they individuals from multiple disciplines
talk about our area and kind of explore the area and tell us what they saw from
an outside perspective and that will parlay into a specific area plan so that
plan will have you know what’s our vision for the area as it moves forward
and how could we all invest in the area so our goal for that plan is to
really put options on the table for council and management and then from
those options determine what’s our short middle and long term goals And Amanda we have been over the last 30 years redeveloping our heritage district can
you talk to us about how the Northwest employment area is different from the
effort in the heritage district? Sure, well the heritage district has had first of all a 30-year investment and so we’re really kind of kicking off that
same type of investment or that same type of look at the area but it’s really
different because the heritage district is an, excuse me, it’s an entertainment
area and really our downtown so it’s gonna look and feel feel differently
than the Northwest area which is a lot more manufacturing distribution office
and what we really want to do is celebrate what makes that area unique
and distinctive from the heritage district Amanda, thank you so much
for talking to us today and all the efforts down there that should pay huge
dividends for this community into the future If you’d like to learn more about
our efforts please visit the website at the bottom of the screen and as always
thank you for watching

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