Man with quadriplegia employs injury bridging technologies to move again – just by thinking​

it was amazing because I thought about
moving my arm and it did. I can move it in and out up and down. we’ve been able to
take the electrical signals which represent his thoughts and use that to
control stimulation of his arm and his hand. we’ve bridged his spinal cord
injury. he can now think about moving his arm and his arm moves. and it’s pretty
cool. I get to be the first one in the world to do it. he has a severe spinal
cord injury. he is pretty much paralyzed from the top of his shoulders down.
I remember up to the accident and then after that I remember bits and pieces. I
was on a 150 mile bicycle ride. it was raining really badly. I was following a
mail truck and I was keeping my distance pretty good but then it stopped to
deliver a package I ran right into the back of the mail truck. people have to do
stuff for me that I can’t do myself they have to turn me every two hours. if I want
water they have to give me water this research has enhanced my ability to
be able to do things . for the first time we’ve implanted brain recording
electrodes in a person and an FPS system functional electrical stimulation has
been implanted as well. I learned about this research through one of the doctors
at the VA. my father said you really want to do this? I said yes
somebody has to do research. if nobody does research things don’t get done. now
we can tell the world it’s possible to reconnect the brain and make the arm
move again. the participant also uses a mobile arm support to support his arm
against gravity but that mobile arm support is also under cortical control
meaning by thinking about it he causes mobile arm support to raise and lower
his shoulder. I’m still wowed every time I do something amazing. I ate a pretzel. I
drank water. it really got good one day they had some mashed potatoes lo and
behold I was able to eat the mashed potatoes
really well. it provides a demonstration of feasibility so that advances that are
needed to make this more clinically acceptable can be made. there is room for
significant growth we are just at the forefront of really understanding of how
the brain functions how to take advantage of our knowledge and can see
exponential growth. I’m always wanting them to do more. seeing the possibility
is one of the biggest goals you know yes I’m injured but it’s not like my life
stopped when I got injured. it’s going to help out a lot more people for years to
come you

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