(electronic music) – [Ian] Shut up! Dude, I cannot believe you lost my bird. – I didn’t lose your bird. I put it in one of these boxes and clearly labelled
it “Ian’s Bird” inside. – Woah. (laughs) – Cool, you found it, let’s go. – What? No dude, this is my old VCR. God, I haven’t seen this thing in years. – Titanic Tape Two? There’s two tapes? – Maybe it’s the same movie twice? (sad music) – God, I don’t think I
could Jack let go two times. – Well, there’s only one way to find out. Alright.
– [Anthony] Wait! – What? (dramatic music) – [Narrator] Before
your feature continues, please enjoy this commercial. – Yo, what up? Rad Zeke here! Now don’t zap through that commersh yet, ’cause I got something your gonna need. You know when your cool
friends call you a square? Well now, that’s a good thing! This rad square is a
Rubik’s Square, or, Cube. – [Man] But I heard Rubik’s Cubes were really hard to solve. – You’re totally right. Psych! Once you get hints from Rad Zeke, solving a Rubik’s Cube
will be mad ea-Zeke. Move the top middle blue
block three to your left. No, your left. Good. So call me up! It’s only $5.99 a minute. That’s five-nine-nine (wobbling) a minute! And let Rad Zeke make you
the coolest square out there! – Dude, we should call that number. – Yes! (phone dialing) (phone ringing) – Dude it’s ringing! (Anthony shushing) (phone ringing) (loud thumping) – (Nervously) Hello? – Um, hi I’m calling about Rubik’s Cubes. – For real? – (Holding back laughter)
Can we speak to Rad Zeke? (laughing) – This is Rad Zeke! Do you need help solving
your riggity Rubik’s Cube? Describe to me all the
positions of the colors. – How long has it been since
someone’s called this number? – I haven’t spoken to anyone in 20 years. (dramatic music) – You guys gotta help me, I’m trapped. I don’t know where I am. (intense music) – Don’t worry Rad Zeke,
we’ll get you outta there! – But how? How are you gonna find me? – I’m all over it baby. Alright, Rad Zeke, we need you to tell us more information about what’s around you. – Yeah, I can. I’m in a room with four walls! – There’s only five rooms in
this city with four walls. – What else? – Desk, I’m sitting at a desk! – What’s the desk made out of? – I don’t know, particle board, I think! – The humidity in this region would have rotted away the particle board by now! It must be in this five mile radius. – God dammit, Zeke, (screaming)
we need more information! (screaming) – Okay, boombox, I’m by a boombox! – What’s a boombox? – It’s a music player! – Like Spotify? – I’m just gonna look up
boombox on the internet. – What is Spotify? I don’t know what the internet is. What’s the internet? You guys are speakin’ gibberish! – You’re speaking gibberish! – (Screaming) How are we supposed
to know where to find you if we don’t know what
you’re talking about? (screaming) (screaming in slow motion) – Then that’s it. No one’s gonna find Rad Zeke. I’ll never jam out to my Walkman again. I’ll never taste Dunkaroos. I’ll never have the sweet satisfaction of Crystal Pepsi in my mouth again. – [Anthony and Ian] Crystal Pepsi! – I get that reference
because they brought it back! – Now you’re speaking
my language Rad Zeke. If we can’t find you,
maybe you can find us. Alright, you know how
Crystal Pepsi is clear? – Yeah. – I need you to clear your
head just like Crystal Pepsi. – I can do that. I can do that. – Okay, and you know how Crystal Pepsi gives you energy? – Yes. – I need you to get the energy to get out of your chair
and go to the nearest door. – You got it dudes! It’s locked! – (Bleep) – Game over man, game over. – Don’t panic! Everybody just stay calm. You know how Crystal Pepsi
unlocked a whole new flavor for an entire generation
of people’s mouths? – Yeah. – I need you to unlock the door. (clicking) – I did it. – Okay, now you walk
out that door Rad Zeke. – I can’t, I’m scared. – Okay, you know how Crystal Pepsi isn’t afraid of anything? – No. – You’re right, that
was a bit of a stretch. – Just do it Zeke! Come on, just walk out the door! – I can’t do it, I’m too scared! – Yes you can! – No, I’m too scared! I can’t do it! – Do it! – Okay fine, I’ll do it! (screaming in slow motion) (dramatic music) (screaming) – Oh, that Rad Zeke! I hired him to sell Rubik’s Cubes out of my garage 20 years ago. – Yes, when I was nine. It’s not a plot hole. – You are a mystery Ian Hecox. (laughing) – I’ll drink to that! (all laughing) (all spitting) – This tastes like (bleep)! – Aw why’d they bring this back? (Rad Zeke gulping) – [Anthony] Wow.
– [Ian] Seriously? (burping) – You like this (bleep)? – You gonna finish yours? – No. – (Burping) sweet. (gulping) – [Anthony] Oh God, the best way to get that taste out of your
mouth is by subscribing! Thanks so much for watching. Click the box to the left to watch behind the scenes from
this video and bloopers, and click the box to the right to watch the last time we were in
the 80s in 1985 vs 2015.

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  1. he said move 3 to your left, which is equal to one to your right, moving one to the right is way faster, ima cuber, so ill know

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