Make Impact Consortium Bootcamp Highlights @ MIT— Summer 2018

Make Impact Consortium Bootcamp Highlights @ MIT— Summer 2018

We haven’t yet
created a makerspace. The reason for us
coming here, really, is to learn the
core fundamentals to help us set it up as quickly
and effectively as possible, and to overcome the key
problems, the pitfalls that we might expect to see. It’s been fantastic to
meet a lot of people that are involved in
the makerspace community from around the world. There’s been some really
fantastic shared knowledge, but for me, personally,
I have really enjoyed getting to know and use
the equipment more thoroughly. I think the value of the
Consortium for Indiana University is important, because
having partners that we can reach out to and share resources
with– knowledge, resources– is of primary
importance in my mind. It’s really nice
to come together with a group of people that
are, essentially, going through the same thing. And in essence, that’s what
the Consortium represents, that you can rely
on each other you’re making your case through
your respective institutions. It helps to interface
with different people who already have makerspaces
or who are planning makerspaces at different places, especially
in America and in England. This event has been
really helpful in actually knowing how to get the best
practice done in Australia. I was fairly familiar with
making actual equipments, but it’s been really nice
to work for a project from start to finish, like we’d
want to be training a student. Yeah, it’s a good the
chance to meet friends in the same community. We can connect each
other in the future to make this kind of
activity more popular, and attract more
community or more people in these kind of activities. For me the Mobius
portal is going to be really
important, because what we’ve been trying to do already
on our campus is map out our network makerspaces,
and all of the resources that are available. I think makerspaces
have probably been adopted more
widely in the US than they have
been in the UK, so leading that movement is
something that will be an exciting journey to get on.

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