Major Corporations Sued For Misleading Workers About Healthcare Coverage

Major Corporations Sued For Misleading Workers About Healthcare Coverage

Healthcare has emerged as one of the biggest
issues of the 2020 presidential election. It’s emerged as one of the biggest issues
in the country today and as such, more and more people are starting to really pay attention
to what’s happening with healthcare in this country. And one of the things people are starting
to take notice of is the program called COBRA. Now, COBRA is a healthcare program that most
companies are required to provide, which offers people who have been terminated or had some
kind of change in their employment status, the opportunity to purchase their current
running healthcare program from their employer. But as we’re starting to see in many instances,
employers are not actually telling their employees how to get this coverage and joining me now
to talk about this is Scott Hardy with Top Class Actions. Now Scott, again, this is a big one. Obviously healthcare is a huge issue for so
many people in this country and the issue is we want to be covered. We want to make sure that if we lose our job,
we still have health insurance and that’s what COBRA is supposed to be. But we’re finding out more and more employers
are kind of dropping the ball, sometimes intentionally, with telling their employees about COBRA benefits. Exactly, I thought, probably was just like
you and most people out there, that, that the COBRA benefits is very standard. You know, if you get let go, your company
has 20 or more people, then they’re going to be required to send out the COBRA benefits. Well, turns out that a lot of companies out
there, even big companies, aren’t doing it correctly because the thing about these COBRA
notices, it has to be very clear. It has to, you know, be very evident that
how to sign up, what you’re entitled, how much it’s gonna cost you. And sadly both small and big companies aren’t
doing it. You know, we’ve seen some COBRA lawsuits that
went against JP Morgan Chase. We’ve seen them against Best Buy. We seen them against Walmart, some huge employers
that should be following the letter of the law but aren’t. And so if you received a COBRA notice in the
mail, please, please send it in to the attorneys that are running this investigation. They will be able to tell you whether it’s
legal or not and if it isn’t, if it’s missing some things and you might be, you know, do
some compensation as a class representative. Your friends that you worked with might be
do some additional compensation. So it can really help you out in that time
of need, you know, when you’re, when you’re looking for a job. And one of the things we have to mention here
too is obviously the fact that if you received one of these deficient COBRA notices from
your employer or former employer and therefore you weren’t able to properly apply for these
benefits. And suppose during that time you think you’re
covered, think you have COBRA, you go to the doctor or you have a procedure of any kind
or you have to pick up a prescription, you’re going to be hit with a very significant medical
bill because you weren’t actually covered by that health insurance program. So that’s going to put a huge, huge strain
on these people who may have been intentionally or unintentionally kind of worked over by
these, by these corporations here. Exactly, this is something that can hit people
really hard in their time of need. And so, you know, it’s one thing to be let
go for a company to downsize, for a company to have to actually use those COBRA benefits
to, you know, to take care of, of their, their employees or their past employees. But when they are stuck and, you know, they
didn’t get the notice. That notice was deficient, you know, it didn’t
identify how long the plan will continue, didn’t identify what the qualifying event
was, didn’t identify the qualified beneficiaries. When those things aren’t included, then, you
know, you are, they may very well not know how to proceed, how to submit your claim. You know, how important is it? And then like you said, you get stuck with
a huge bill if you don’t get signed up in time. So those are all things that these attorneys
that are running this investigation are looking into. And the number one thing I can say is if you
get that notice, send it in. Because you can count that if big employers
like Walmart and Best Buy are getting hit with these COBRA notice class actions, that
smaller ones, or that your employer may very well have done the same thing. And, you know, you might be able to get some
compensation out of it. Absolutely. For more information about this issue, including
the list of things that are supposed to be on those COBRA notices, follow the link in
the description of this video, head over to Top Class Actions. And if you have not already done so, I encourage
everyone to subscribe to their weekly newsletter. Scott Hardy with Top Class Actions, thank
you very much for talking with us today. You’re welcome. Thanks for your time, Farron.

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  1. Zero Hour: Wendell Potter: The Choice Scam, Explained by 2 Health Insurance Veterans

    With Medicare For All there would be no need for COBRA. That type of complexity is eliminated.
    With M4A no worries about preexisting conditions. If you become unemployed you can still go to a doctor if needed.

  2. I worked for a company out of Virginia called ManTech and when our employment came to an end they surely told us about COBRA so one company did right by it's former employees.

  3. Cobra? The one thing I always hear about cobra is, that it’s expensive. How can you even think about expenditures between jobs, let alone this?

  4. I was laid off from a job and they did tell me about Cobra. What caused me to laugh in their face was when, minutes after losing my job, they told me I could apply for Cobra at $900 a month, when I was paying $200 through the company.

    Sure it exists but at astronomical prices, more than 4 times what I was already paying and more than double what my state offered through the ACA.

    Cobra is straight up robbery, nothing else.

  5. Not only are you paying out of your ass for insurance, they are lying on top of it to swindle more money to give you terrible healthcare coverage. Who loves their private insurance again?

  6. Cobra allows you to keep your same insurance and coverage, BUT you pay the FULL premium. Your company no longer picks up the portion they were paying. Most people can't afford it.

  7. Cobra is not affordable. Most people would have to choose between using unemployment funds to pay for Cobra premiums or to pay their other bills.

  8. why do americans put up with an inferior health care system which costs 17.9% of GDP when other countries like Australia spend 9.7% of GDP on health care and have a far better and simpler user friendly health care system.

    my friend in Australia who i’ve just recently visited was telling me how you simply walk into ANY doctors office armed only with a medicare card which is issued at birth and is payed for by a 2% medicare levy from income tax. they pay nothing for the visits and he has just had 3 free visits to a chiropractor and heavily subsidised or FREE visits to see psychologists and he is also having liver disease treatment with the meds which would usually cost $14,000 per month costing ONLY $42.50 per month. the liver treatment meds in the US would send all low income families bankrupt and middle income families would struggle if not also becoming bankrupt…


    TRUMP FOR PRISON 2021👍🇺🇸

  9. par for the course for america. across the board, up and down the spectrum. this is the epitome of american capitalism.

  10. Cobra allows you to continue with your former employers health insurance. But you have to pay the entire monthly premium instead of your employer paying the larger portion. My crappy insurance would cost me $560 a month as single person. The family plan is $1800 a month.

  11. This will be my last post on ring of fire, the last thing i want to say is we need a more liberal person in office, goodbye and take care.

  12. When my former company closed the operation I was involved in they offered COBRA and all I remember about it was that it was outrageously expensive …at a time I was going to have to live off unemployment until I got a new job. Yeah I declined COBRA.

  13. How often do modern corporations in the United States say, "Downsizing," when the truth is, "Outsourcing?" I don't care if it's a gunnysack or the finest tailor made suit, when you fuck over your fellow citizens and pretend to be doing good by them, you are a sack of shit.

  14. I once held a very low opinion of class action lawsuits…I supposed that I was brainwashed on the topic as many others. However, since watching Top Class Actions I absolutely have changed my outlook. Governmental Checks and balances are almost nonexistent and regulation being rolled back so we absolutely need brave people step forward and brave lawyers will to step into adversity.

  15. Cobra is worthless. When I lost my job they gave me info on where to go to sign up for it. The premiums were well over $500 a month! For what I was getting on unemployment (and in Michigan that isn't jack shit) that was prohibitively expensive, so I had no health insurance for the rest of that 8 month span until I found another job.

  16. Farron, I enjoy your ring of fire videos, but have to ask: are you being paid to promote this guy on your channel? I've seen 4-5 videos of yours where it appears you're promoting this same (I'm assuming) mass tort lawyer who looks to be trying to get more clients via your video. Dont'cha think you should be doing a disclosure of the pertinent facts if that's what you're doing?

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