Maiko’s Dad

[Music] usually go on google day without your clothes chojuro who’s gonna cute she I don’t see who could chairman top per day she’s not vice vice vice vice otherwise advice no I don’t look at their advisor after all the way hi Joe hey does it you are chairman in hockey yes please speak all right thank you bow so low they koto schewe you this is amazing it’s beautiful out here the Sun is coming down it’s amazing to skate sessions and then after that we’re going back to dinner [Music] go around our building to tell another soul America do not you know car USA USA to you ha I’m telling you I beg of you but that’s your American the United States genes are you and I’d assume they’re you know thought do you know whatever you guys hi Joe do they would have passed how does it chairman in hockey yes please speak all right thank you ultimately she made my soul of it come to you papa Chivato cuz you Nene crash gonna say GK’s I you don’t know what a Carlos’s America mo I just woke up time to get some coffee [Music] dude last I was in tents Michael saddle is awesome you made me laugh all night I don’t know if like I was too happy with it her dad is super funny I think today we’re going to what are you gonna do I don’t know dig today make dude more skateboarding got a few more hours probably head back around lunchtime [Music] all right good to go there so peace over into the countryside so so peaceful you a countryside is so quiet and it’s cool because they don’t have phone booths so we just finish a drink maybe skate around a little bit more and then just go home [Music] you one of those things you know being in Toki chance to really skateboard in places because there’s just so much that they quite like coming here there’s just so much open space no one’s gonna really bother you and so you can just skate super nice to be in the countryside so we’re taking off now unfortunately it’s not like Tokyo where you can just like go to the translation you need a car to get to the train station overall it was a fun trip really enjoyed hanging out with the parents enjoyed hanging on the dad he showed us a speech and talked about America gotta love that [Applause] for my 19th birthday it’s peace of mind the life of feeling fine never see my part declines easy go get my treatment keep working on taking Christine oh don’t remember the city that made me then I woke up don’t fly fly choked up special records without the reckless abandon we don’t have a lot of time we’re trying to get snacks right now before we got a grand readout about five minutes I saw her in a rush but think you always didn’t have some snacks before you get on the train yeah that’s a good idea see Michael’s always thinking she’s already taking my stuff gotta remember that to get it back inventing everything wait a moment all right we made it safely on the train with just a little bit of time perfect [Music] if you lose you to get my accident did you take it out of the turn sound out you came after me you didn’t I didn’t seriously Oh

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