Mahisha Finally Breaks Through to a Tearful Mehgan James | Mind Your Business with Mahisha | OWN

Mahisha Finally Breaks Through to a Tearful Mehgan James | Mind Your Business with Mahisha | OWN

– Megan, we have a
responsibility, you and I. I’m going to be harder
on you, because you are another black woman who
is going to be judged on the higher scale and
given less opportunity just because you’re black. Right. So go out and be
the best you can be, and show the world different. Everyone knows when
they deal with me that they’re going to get paid. Everyone knows that when I
say I’m going to do something, I do it. So your word and your
reputation precedes you. And you have to know that.
I am hard on you. I am. I want you to be better. I’m sorry. You know where I’m coming from.
Do you? Yeah. I’m just not a bad person. Well, then show that side. Like, I don’t take
advantage of people. Like, I’m the the number
one believer in karma. You can ask– don’t I
always talk about like, energy and karma and– That’s why I don’t know
why you do this when you– I’m not a bad person. Obviously it’s not
purposefully, Tanya. No one understands me. Yeah, I’m like,
a complex person. No one ever gets it. I hate that people
always compare me to what I used to be. I just don’t want people to
think of me as a bad girl. Like, I want people to think
of me as a businesswoman.

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  1. She always crying when someone calls her out on her b.s…….suck it up an stop saying you not a bad person an no one understands you….i swear every show she on its the same thing…. if she was a good person it would show yet the ugly side always come out when the camera rolling…. I can't with her


  3. Mahisha, you're a brilliant business woman. However, you're the wrong person for this job. She needs to be checked into a psychiatric facility. She needs a mental health professional, not a business coach. A failing business should be the least of this woman's worries. The business is failing because she's mentally compromised.

  4. You betta get them their money if you want to be seen as a businessperson….tears are okay at first but her attitude needs to shift.

  5. Its hard to sympathize with meghan, even here shes playing victim. Saying shes not a bad person, but is only crying bc she was called out, not bc she genuinely feels bad. She needs serious help

  6. The eyelashes …but if you don’t want ppl to think of you a certain stop acting like it. Do better, be better.

  7. Well i aint think of u as a bad girl i thought of u as a female that got hands lmfaooo n im proud u doing ya thing n growing !

  8. I’m glad to see her break down and show her vulnerable side because we rarely get to see it. I think it’s good to see that she’s taking it seriously and she holds it close to her heart.

  9. I have no issue with mehgan but I am so through with her fans talking about her fight from 7 years ago on bad girls club like let it go you haven’t seen her fight someone since

  10. Someone broke her heart somewhere in her life. That bad girl image, the attitude and the bitchiness reflects that heart break in childhood or whatever. I know her grandmother raised her but the missing parts to her story are where were her biological parents at. She says she changed…but clearly that same person is still there. She has some soul searching to do.

  11. No one will ever trust you nor understand you if you're given off by polar vibes and behavior girl! That's what manic depressive bipolar people say that nobody understands them talking out of both side of their mouth and don't know if they're a foot or horseback like Judge Judy says. Their right hand don't know what the left hand is doing and they all mixed up like a bag of nuts as Wesley Snipes said in Jungle Fever! Goodness gracious these people do need psychological help and have a major personality disorder. This is why they go through life with that same script they rattle off the tongue constantly saying nobody understands them. Nobody will ever understand you ma'am because you are hopelessly confuse yourself! And I feel so bad for the Asian lady she is beside herself with frustration and humiliation. Just watching her pour out her heart and soul to this girl trying to get her to understand that she has deeply hurt her emotionally and financially just wanted me to sub for her. Poor lady I hope somebody helps her get her credit back on track and recoup her losses so that she can rebuild her money and move on to partner up with somebody who can match her business savvy and abilities for goodness sakes. I say again poor lady I feel so bad for her! I feel bad for Megan to but she needs psychological help maybe she need to go and see dr. Phil seriously. #girlpower? ?

  12. Every time I see her, I see someone who has been neglected and hurt her entire life. I hope she finds God and let’s that hurt go. ?

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