Mabuhay! Philippine Airlines Business Class Review

Mabuhay! Philippine Airlines Business Class Review

– [Sam Chui] Hello, guys. Last week I went to the Philippines to take my first flying
lesson on a Cessna 172. I’ll show you that in the coming weeks, but this video is about my flight with Philippine Airlines,
from Manila to Dubai. Philippine Airlines
primarily use Terminal Two of Ninoy Aquino International
Airport serving Manila. They offer cash upgrade at check in. However, given the low
Business Class ticket price, I don’t think this upgrade
represent great values. Philippine Airline Business Class lounge is called Mabuhay Lounge. The lounge is located behind gate six. Honestly, the lounge is quite ordinary, without anything special to mention. It does offer a variety of Filipino foods, snack, and beverage. During the morning, it
can get quite crowded. (upbeat music) There are separate boarding queues for Business Class and
Elite Frequent Fliers. I was impressed that we
didn’t have any delay, and boarding was strictly on time. – And it’s one of (mumbles). – [Sam] Hi, good morning. – Thank you, Mr. Chui (mumbles). – Hi, welcome (mumbles). – [Sam] Hi, how are you. – Fine, please. Thank you so much. – Mabuhay, how are you?
– [Sam] Hi, how are you? – Hi, Sir, Mr. Chui, welcome, Mabuhay.
– [Sam] Hi, how are you? – Welcome to Philippine Airline. (background music) – [Sam] Thank you. – You’re welcome, Sir Chui. – Good morning, Mr. Sam Chui. Welcome aboard, my name is Mark, your crew for today. Care for some drinks? We have Mabuhay Punch, this one’s water, we have orange and cucumber lemonade. Which do you care to have? – Excuse me, Mr., would
you like to read some, we have Golf magazine? Sure, no problem. – [Sam] Once on board,
there are three rows of business class seats,
with the configuration of two, two, and two, total 18 seats. I was told these seats are not the latest Business Class offering
of Philippine Airlines. They use this to serve high density routes to the Middle East, primarily. (upbeat music) – Good morning. (quiet music, passengers and crew talking) – Straight ahead, sir,
(directing the passenger). (quiet music) – [Sam] A small, quiet cabin
of Premium Economy Class is located right after Business Class. And after that is the
bulk of Economy cabin, with three, three, and three seats, which is one seat extra over the standard Airbus A330 Economy configuration. (upbeat music) – I’d like to give you
this our Mabuhay slippers, and you’re also gonna have this for your Business Class (mumbles). – [Sam] Thank you very much. I was surprised a full amenity kit were handed out on this
particular day flight. What I’ve noticed since coming on board is how warm and how welcoming the crew made the passenger felt. (upbeat music) There will be two full meals on this nine-hour flight, with
three main dish option. One Filipino, one Arabic,
and one Western food option. Now let’s have a look at
a feature of the seats. They’re a little odd,
and the storage place is in front of your seats. And one foot well is much
higher than the other. (upbeat music) There are no seat back
entertainment screen in Business Class. Rather, an iPad was used. And the good thing is, there is free Wifi for all passenger up to
15 megabyte of usage. After that, it’s $5 an hour. (upbeat music) – May I present to you our appetiser? It’s (mumbles) prawns with quinoa salad. – [Sam] Thank you very much. – [Woman] You’re welcome, sir, enjoy. – Care for some bread? Which our selection of
bread, we have herb focaccia, we also have, this one’s multigrain, we also have, this one’s
crusty roll and Hawaiian roll. – Hi, sir, I would like to
present to you your main menu. It’s actually the Estilo
Afritada, cod fillet with tomato sauce and French
beans and steamed rice. – [Sam] Thank you. – [Woman] You’re welcome. Hi, Mr. Chui, may I
present to you our dessert? – [Sam] Sure. Buco tapioca with hot syrup. – [Sam] What’s the Filipino name? – [Woman] Buco, we call it buco. – [Sam] Buco, buco, buco.
– [Woman] Yes, buco. Ice cream, it’s a product of Arce Dairy. We have avocado, mango, and cheese. – [Sam] What’s this one, here? – [Woman] This one is cheese. – [Sam] Cheese, cheese ice cream. – [Woman] Yes, cheese ice cream. – [Sam] Wow. Oh it’s very sweet, very sweet. But I like it so much, though. – Okay Sir, may I just
ask you some questions? I just noticed that a while ago you were videoing. – Oh yes, I was crazy, I was crazy videoing everything, right? – Exactly, so–
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – How is it going, like– – Am I strange? Am I, am I one of your strange passenger? I am addicted to doing
this, and I love airline. I love aviation, and I
run a YouTube channel, so it’s all about airline experience. First time to fly this, and so I’m trying to document my experience. I’m trying to document what kind of amenity kits, what kind of champagne, what kind of food you offer, what kind of seating products you offer, and then of course, if I get a chance to document my experience, I like to share my viewers, my fans, my supporters. Without them, I don’t get here today, so again, thank you very much, Marsh. – Thank you so much, Mr. Chui. – For looking after me,
and thank you very much for all my YouTube viewers. Guys, the advantage of
seats without neighbour is I can have the bed set here, and I can have my office here, so I can read a magazine
and watch a movie, sitting, relaxing, and also I can rest. I can turn into a fully
sleeping seat here, and this is not as bad as you think, with the seats, if you
don’t have a neighbour, which is pretty good. When you recline a seat into full bed, one bed is higher than another one. It’s in lower position. This has to be one of
the more interesting, odd design I’ve came across. This configuration
definitely present a problem of how to hop over your
neighbour to get out. The crew told me, though, this
is the old Business Class. There’s one at a lower, and
there’s one on the upper. So it’s very interesting. There’s only a few airline
actually have this configuration, so I’m gonna try out
sleeping both position, to see which one’s actually better. Oh, this can come down. Well, I mean, on the lower one it feels pretty close
to the ground, actually. And I felt the foot well, here, is slightly diagonal, so I have, my foot is actually set in a little
weird, turning position. So I think this one is probably for shorter people to sleep on. So now I’m gonna try out the upper bed. (windows closing) Oh yeah, I actually like
this upper bed better, because I’ve got more privacy, honestly. When I’m in this
position, I don’t actually get to see the person below me. I don’t actually get to
see anything below me. I have this partition here, and you know, although I’m pretty high up, my foot, this seat is very long, actually. The seat extended to more than two metres, actually very long. Somehow it’s longer than that bed, lower. So it is a better one
for tall people like me. So I guess my choice is done. It’s the upper one. The upper one seems to
be a better one for me. All right, okay, good night. – Hi, Sir. – Hi. – I really need your help. – Yeah? – To recommend me a carry
on baggage for travel. – A carry on suitcase? – Yes. – Oh yeah, I will show you one. I have one here, actually,
I think you might like. This is a brand called Away. This is a hard suitcase, as you can see. It’s made of good quality material. What’s good about, I like it a lot, is it’s very easy to spin. It’s got a four wheel, 360 degree spin. Give a try. – [Woman] Sure. Yeah, it’s pretty smooth, too. – [Sam] Good to spin, right? – [Woman] Yes, easy. – [Sam] Yeah. I’ll show you what’s inside suitcase. It’s quite a mess, but you know, I want to show you the structure inside. So here you see we have a net, which separated stuff away, and this strap is to secure the stuff
so you don’t lose it. It has a built-in battery,
so you can carry on, the built-in battery you can charge anything with a USB cord. Every order, if you go
to, use the code “sam,” you get $20 off. – I’ll check it out. – This video content is
sponsored by Away Travel. Thanks for watching. – This is our crew rest area. – [Sam] Oh, it’s in the middle of a cabin. – Yes. – [Sam] All right,
let’s see what’s behind. Oh, it’s underneath. – Please be careful. – [Sam] Wow, I feel like
I’m going on an adventure. Oh my gosh, very tight here. On a cot length, very nice. This is better than Business Class. So there’s like– – [Woman] This is for the pilot. Pilot, that’s one. Oh, number one, the pilot. So there’s total eight of them? – [Woman] Yeah, eight. – [Sam] Eight crew at a time. (upbeat music) Guys, we have a pretty empty flight here, so I’m trying out the Premium Economy on Philippine Airline. There’s 33 seats in the
Premium Economy section, here. What I will show you
momentarily is the leg room. The leg room is pretty awesome here. This is why the Premium Economy’s about. Good. Three, three, three is
actually one extra seat more than the usual two,
four, and two on the A330. The seat is okay to me, slightly tight, ’cause I think this is alarm raised to me. I need to lose weight, I need to reduce my bottom size, so I can fit into these seats a little bit better. (upbeat music) – Two, three, Mabuhay. – Mabuhay, like this? – Right, then left. All right. – There you go, yeah. – Wait, this is left, and right. Okay, is that how you do it? This is my first time
flying Philippine Airline. What an experience, because, you know, they’re so warm and their
service is just so good, just as good as any good airline. You know, I feel like I’m having a fiesta, the energy was beautiful, it was, the crew are very (mumbles),
this is where it comes down to, and has your onboard
experience, it’s all about the crew’s customer service. (crew speaks in foreign language) – [Sam] Well overall I had a great flight on the Philippine
Airlines, for what I paid. I paid $1100 round trip, from
Dubai to Manila and back. There are still many area
the airline can improve on, such as the in-flight entertainment, and a better blankets in Business Class. However, to me, the amazing service more than make up of the
shortcoming of the products. To be fair, this is not their latest Business Class product offering, so I have to try out those new ones.

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About the Author: Oren Garnes


  1. Wait, was the crew so nice that the flight attendant helped him promote his sponsor?

    That's one lit crew.

  2. Philippine Airlines has a lot to improve on when it comes to other things but crew service is one of its kind. Truly, BPA, Buong Pusong Alaga ?

  3. I really had a very nice experience flying Business Class in PAL. What made it more memorable was that one of the cabin crews was my former student when he was in high school. What a small world indeed.

  4. @Sam Chui Please do fly with Philippine Airlines Airbus A321, Boeing 777-300ER, & Bombardier Q400NextGen. Thanx

  5. Clark could be good, if there was a fast rail connection or so to MM. KL is also 80 km away from city.
    But my expectations are not high for any option, T3 in mind ?

  6. I've Also Tried To Fly Buisness Class In Philippine Airlines But I Wish There's WiFi When I Had Buisness Class When I Was 7?Hongkong to Philippines

  7. You may not get paid monetarily however, Who are you fooling? Before you make your videos, Airline Companies are notified in advance. Hard to believe that they are not preparing for your intentions of featuring them …… you get wined and dined ….. given exclusive back stage passes etc etc etc ……. how can it be an actual honest review? now, how can you explain that?

  8. I am in Quezon City right now.

    I flew on PAL’s Premium Economy.

    I really didn’t have much more space than you’d expect on the A380’s economy class.

    The seats functions mostly did not work.
    The reclining buttons didn’t work. Through the flight, stewardesses kept trying to set them straight because the power recline just didn’t work.

    The shoulder map lights mostly didn’t work.

    The infotainment system was SLOW and buggy. My movies didn’t work at all.

    The seats weren’t comfortable due to the tray table stowage walls. When the passenger ahead of you reclines, you have a difficult time watching your Monitor.

    The window seats aren’t that great and the extra legroom first rows are Terrible and cramped.

    Business class, however has perfectly sized seats for me, and perfect space for the 16 hour flight.

    The new business class gives everyone access to the aisle.

    Upgrading to Business isn’t terribly hard. Most of the passengers take the cheap seats. Neither premium economy or business was full on my flight here to Manila.

  9. I think Philippine Airlines reflect the Philippines as a whole.

    "Seems beautiful" on the outside, but rotten and rubbish on its core, the inside.

    The only good thing about the Philippines is their people. Super friendly.

  10. In the Philippines, almost every time I go to domestic flights, the crew would play games with prizes lol

  11. I flew business class once before on PAL. Nice huge wide seats. Really good dinner – breakfast service. And real cutlery used. Nice

  12. Maganda sa business class kahit mahal, kung mahaba byahe mo 4hrs to 14hrs mag business kn lng komportable

  13. They used the same configuration on a short domestic flight from dvo to Mnl surprisingly since it was not peak season yet.

  14. Great content and review! I also uploaded my business class flight experience from NY to Manila. But… yours is way cleaner and better hahaha! Thanks for this great vid, Sam!

  15. hi sam can u please mention your height so as to refer it to when u sleep in these first-class flights

  16. Not going to be able to afford any of these at present lol. So next time you go on a long haul flight somewhere exotic, why not take me along on the house since you have so much money lol???

  17. Hi mr sam chui there is a sentence i don't understand "333 config flights are used to middle east primarily" what do you mean by that?

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