Mabuhay ! Philippine Airlines Business Class Review 2019

Mabuhay ! Philippine Airlines Business Class Review 2019

what is going on guys welcome back to
the channel man you guys notice it’s careful man okay so uh you guys don’t
like check this one out it’s Philippines airline business class
review exactly so I don’t know if you guys know I’m coming the Philippines and
some of you guys want me to check out the Philippines Airlines and see what’s
going on if they can afford they may be traveling business class you never know
mimics an email be like yo um I’m careful I’m coming to Philippe’s what
can you guys do for me and made me do a review of the plane well anyways matters
wish wishful thinking but you guys want to check out a video and I still want to
check it out and see how business class is on air Philippines man let’s get in
this video lesson on the Cessna 172 I’ll show you that in the coming weeks but
this video is about my flight with Philippine Airlines
from Manila to Dubai Philippine Airlines primarily use terminal 2 of Ninoy Aquino
International Airport serving Manila they offer cash upgrade at check-in
however given the low business class ticket price I don’t think this upgrade
represent great values philippine airline business class lounges called
Mabuhay lounge the lounge is located behind gate 6 honestly the lounge is
quite ordinary without anything special to mention it does offer a variety of
Filipino food snack and beverage during the morning it can get quite crowded ok there are separate boarding cues for
business class and elite frequent fliers I was impressed that we didn’t have any
delay and boarding was strictly on time okay hi hi how are you hi hi how are you oh this is business class a thank you
good morning mr. Sam’s we welcome aboard make any smart your crew for today
care for some drinks we have mobile hip punch this one’s water we have orange
and Umbra lemonade which wow those look so fancy man
as soon as you land in this way you get this all you guess is get in the plane I
want this I want this a bull high pipes once on board there are three rows of
business class seats with the configuration of two two and two total
18 seats I was told these seats are not the latest business class offering a
Philippine Airlines they use this to serve high-density route to the Middle
East primarily I love the color man the teal gray and
white theme there I love that a small quiet cabin of premium economy class is
located right after business class and after that is the bulk of Economy cabin
with three three and three seats which is one sits extra over the standard
Airbus a330 economy configuration okay okay Wow Alex fancy I was surprised that fou
amenity key were handed out on this particular day flight but I’ve noticed
since coming on board is how warm and how welcoming the crew made the
passenger felt yeah that is one thing that shoe because when I came to the
Philippines the first time in April man I flew on Philippines airline and they
really made you feel like at home and they didn’t feel like like I didn’t
separate the business class with economy class because everyone they made it one
feely cool man you asked for something they were right there you and they told
you don’t be scared to ask for anything anything you want I am here to serve you
man there will be tube fool males on this
nine-hour flight with free bling dish option one Filipino one Arabic and one
Western food option now let’s have a look at a feature of
the seats they’re little odd at the storage place is in front of your seats
and one foot well is much higher than the other they’re no SEPA entertainment screen in
business class rodder an iPad was used but goofiness theories free Wi-Fi for
all passenger up to 15 megabyte of usage cloud is $5 an hour and another thing I got I’m sorry
another thing I’ve noticed a lot of Filipinos they don’t mind being on
camera like they love the camera see camera likes that smiling like okay I’ll
be in the camera they don’t mind it they don’t tell you I go gay stop recording
me they actually like be on the camera once you tell them what you’re doing
delay oh sure put me on camera our selection of grit we have
Basia we also have this one’s rusty role in
Hawaii and French beans instead ha ha ha tapioca with the filipino ice cream it’s a product or a satiric
avocado mango cheese ice cream cheese ice cream I
would try that oh yes I was crazy I was crazy be doing
everything right yeah am i strange am i a madman on your
strange passenger I am addicted to doing this and I love airline I love aviation
and I run a YouTube channel so it’s all about airline experience first time to
fly this and so I’m trying to document my experience I’m trying to document
what kind of a man into kids what kind of champagne what kind of food
you offer what kind of seating products you offer and then of course if I get a
chance to document my experience I like to share my viewers my fans my
supporters without them see don’t get here today so again thank you very much
marsh for looking after me and thank you very much follow ball my YouTube viewers
see what I mean guys the advantage of six with valid neighbor you see why I
just said that man the Filipino they don’t mind me the camera wants to tell
them what I do what you’re doing they’re like oh ok ok I’ll be on a camel fill me
record me because know what they like going back home and they like say go and
check another YouTube channel I’m like yo look at me that’s what I find a lot
is I can have the best sets here and I can have my office here so I can read a
magazine and watch a movie sitting relaxing and also I can rest I can turn
into a fully sleep sleeping sit here and this is not as bad as you think with the
city if you don’t have a neighbor which is pretty good when you recline a sit
into full bed one that is higher than another one is in lower position this
has to be one of the more interesting all designed I’ve came across this
configuration definitely present a problem of how to hop over your neighbor
to get out that’s right homey though this is the old business class there
there’s one and a lower and there’s one on the upper
it’s very interesting there’s only a few airline actually have this configuration
so I’m gonna try out sleeping bow position to see which one is actually
better oh this can come down well I mean on the lower one it feels
pretty close to the ground actually and I felt the footwell here is slightly
diagonal so I have my foot Jesus actually said oh you know a little weird
turning position so I think this one is probably for shorter people to sleep on
so now I’m gonna try out the upper bed oh yeah I actually I actually like this
upper bed better okay I’ve got more privacy honestly yeah and in this
position I don’t actually get to see the person that’s writing me I don’t
actually get to see anything below me I have this petition here and you know
although I’m pretty high up my foot’s this is very long actually
this it’s extended to more than two meters actually very long somehow it’s
longer than that bad lower so it is a better one for tall people like me so I
guess my choice is done this is the upper one diaper one seems to be a
better one for me alright okay goodnight she’s played along she’s played along this is a brand full of weight this is
Carson case as you can see it’s been a good quality material what’s good is
about I like it I love this it’s very easy to spin another four wheels 360
degree spin give a try to change and pretty smooth – good – screen right yes
yeah show you what’s inside of the case this might mess about you know I won’t
show you the structure inside so here you see we have an ATS which separate is
done the way yeah and this strap is secured of stuff so you don’t lose it it
has a beauty battery so you can carry on the region boundaries you can charge
anything with a USB for every order if you go to a way slash sam
just to close Sam you get $20 off get to another this video-content is sponsored
by the way traffic thanks for watching we’ve seen the middle of the cabin
alright let’s see what’s behind oh it’s underneath oh wow Wow
I felt like I’m going on an adventure do you see this man just because they found
out he was like a youtuber and what he was doing they want to really show the
best part of the Philippines I like the best of the Philippines have to offer
man this is what I love about this you see what I mean do you always make you
feel like at home man right at home they know what you’re trying to do so they’re
trying to promote their country as well man that’s what Filipinos love the
Philippines so much they promote and do whatever they can to make sure you feel
welcome and you feel part of the family I love it guys we have a pretty empty flight here
so I’m trying out the premium economy on Philippine airline there’s 33 states
either preview economy section here well I will show you momentarily as the
legroom mitla group is pretty awesome here this is why the premium economy is
about three three three such a one extra seats
more than that you showed to 4 & 2 on the a330 thus it is okay to me slightly
tight kiss I think this is a large race to me I need to lose weight
use my size so I can be into these things a little bit better yeah this
looks like something that I ate already my boy my wife this is left
how you do it’s my first time flying Philippine Airlines what an experience
because you know they’re so warm and their service is just so good just as
good as any good airline you know I feel like I’m having a yes
the energy was beautiful that’s right very wide this is where it comes down to
enhance your experience it’s all about a Druze customer service well overall I had a great flight on
Philippine Airlines for what I paid I paid $1,100 round-trip from Dubai to
Manila and back there are still many area the airline can improve on such as
the in-flight entertainment and a better blankets in business class however to me
the amazing service more than make up of the shortcoming of the products to be
fair this is not their latest business class product offerings so I have to try
out those new ones all right man so for you guys will over the ends um this
video was informative I’m gonna see I have flown on Philippines Airlines and I
will say something that he said it was true man they do make you feel like at
home they do make you feel like one the family man and especially with some
reason especially when they find out if you’re like a youtuber or you do YouTube
stuff and they love that like what that is amazing your youtuber okay let’s show
you around let’s really I really want you to like show what we offer and I
really want to show you how the many of these are I really want to show you the
best stuff like I find that out a lot like I had that’s what I notice when
you’re especially a youtuber everyone wants to wants to show the best and be
the best so you can show it off to the world that’s but I guess my anyways man
I’m like I said I’m really excited that’ll come back to the Philippines
maybe I should document my flight shared awesome my flights cuz last my name is
quite document my flight I can I did a quick kind of thing they should document
my flight saying how the staff was how the seats worth or comfortable or not
how the food is the entertainment if you guys want to do all that I’m like when I
come back to the Philippines let me know in the comments down below alright
anyways man if you ask me that all the weight in the video you guys know what
to do man give the video a big thumbs up hit that subscribe button turn that post
notification belts on and it’ll catch you guys next one right
Mabuhay just do it

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  1. since u lived in the US check out Emirates Airline business class
    they also have flight US -Dubai and Dubai to Manila
    to be more comfortable for you since you have a very long flight

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  12. That Business Class isn't the latest on Philippine Airlines fleet. The newer is on A350 in 1-2-1 configuration which they deploy to London, Toronto & New York.

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