MA in Understanding and Securing Human Rights – Student Story

MA in Understanding and Securing Human Rights – Student Story

My name is Ella Knight. So, I work for
Amnesty International. We are global membership organization, we undertake
research and campaigning action to try and end and prevent human rights abuses
and violations around the world. At the moment I’m working on a project on armed
drones and protection of civilians. So on a day to day basis I’m developing
campaign and advocacy strategies, I’m doing desk based research into where we
can conduct new new research on drone strikes, I’m making campaigning materials
social media graphics and working with our media team. I wanted to feel like I
was doing something to help change things in the world. I trained as a
contemporary dancer originally but I was always interested in social issues and
social justice and I think I felt like I wanted to do more and make more change. When I made the decision to move into a
new field I felt I needed to develop my academic skills, my writing skills my
kind of critical thinking ability. I didn’t have a legal background either
and I felt that to pursue the human rights work some kind of legal grounding
was really essential and the masters felt like the most strategic option for this. When I was looking around at different
courses I felt like it offered the most holistic approach to studying human
rights from the legal side, the international law side to the practical
elements the skills you need to do advocacy to the kind of history and
theory of human rights. I also went to the open day and met some of the
lecturers and felt they were really inspiring and engaging and the
curriculum was was very broad and offered a great range of options for
studying different themes and issues.

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