Luxembourg Business Angel Network – Meet an Entrepreneur

Luxembourg Business Angel Network – Meet an Entrepreneur

Director at LBAN Why LBAN? LBAN is an essential player
in the financing of young
high-potential businesses. LBAN represents 80
private investors in Luxembourg who invest their time,
their networks and their finances in innovative startups. What does it involve? The LBAN assists startups in
a crucial stage of their development, right after what is known as
the 3 Fs: family, friends & fools and before venture capital. In 2018, we invested in 30 projects and supplied 5.5 million in
support to entrepreneurs with investments ranging
from 10,000 € to over 1 million. The average amount from
a Business Angels is between 50 and 100,000 €
per investment. That is our core business,
it’s concrete. Our role is to accompany
the Business Angels; we provide them with a network, as well as tools for supporting
this economy and help startups
pursue their missions. To be specific? Precisely what you can expect
from LBAN if you’re an established
Business Angel investor or would like to become
a Business Angel to share you expertise, your network and some of your finances
with young entrepreneurs, come join us! We’ll give you
the opportunity to do so or improve if necessary
through the steps. If you’re an entrepreneur
with an established business model, with customers,
with a product, if you’ve already invested
and wish to keep growing and need the financial help, the network and the expertise
of Business Angels and experienced entrepreneurs, contact us! In short? If you’re already a Business Angel
or would like to become one? Get in touch, join us! Or if you’re an entrepreneur
with a scalable project contact us too. We’ll be happy to
review your proposal! With the support of

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