Lunch at Rs 70: Inside a Mom’s Tiffin Business ft. Aastha Madaan

Lunch at Rs 70: Inside a Mom’s Tiffin Business ft. Aastha Madaan

I ask, right from the time a daughter is born, she listens to her parents! She accepts who her husband is and leaves! But, why isn’t she a part of anything? A daughter should have a part! It is said, “where there is a will, there is a way” Today, we are here to meet Mrs. Vijaya Etikala, who is a great example of this! Mrs. Etikala runs a tiffin service in Delhi and she has a small dream! So, let’s get to know her dream with our special guest for today, Aastha Madaan! Guys, I’m not receiving a tiffin! I am at the place where all these amazing tiffins are made! So, let’s see! And yes, if you want some tips on how to be happy then listen to me and… …watch this video till the end because our guest today is a happiness expert! Sounds fun, right? Come, let’s see! Firstly, tell me something about yourself, Mrs. Vijaya? Mrs. Vijaya was a housewife before starting Etikala’s Kitchen! Then, I taught children at Creativity Adda how to cook food! The children and I used to arrange food together for 80-100 people in a day! So, Mrs. Vijaya, what are we cooking today? Today, we’ll cook Veg Pulao and Gajar ka halwa! Wow, gajar ka halwa! The name itself makes me salivate! You know guys, gajar ka halwa and suji ka halwa are my favorite! Which one is your favorite? Tell me in the comments below! Okay Mrs. Vijaya, shall we start making veg pulao? Yes! Tell me what is the first thing that we have to do for this! Firstly, the oil is heating and we’ll add all this to the oil! So, now we are waiting for the onion to turn a little brown! Yes! Okay! I thought about this and my husband’s retirement was near, we had to do something… …what will we do? Then, my children’s friends used to come at home to eat food! This way, Jigyasa from Slam Out Loud… …they gave me the first offer! Okay! You should do our catering! So, you didn’t even start your business before this first event? No, it wasn’t started! It started with catering! Yes, it started with this catering event! The onions have turned a little brown! This looks very healthy! I was married when I was 16 years old in 1992! We went to Kolkata for the first time! In Kolkata, there is a place named Dharmatala There we had idli in a South Indian shop! Okay! That is of Tamil Nadu! The idli was so hard and was for Rs.20! Then I thought, why can’t I do this? Not for Rs.20, but Rs.8 or Rs.10 and… …make it reach the people! At that time in 1992, Rs.20 meant a lot! Then, I told my husband about this but he didn’t even listen to me! It did hurt me but then my children came, I got busy in my life! I kept my ambitions on one side! After this, we’ll add water! Our water is hot now! The spices are cooked and the vegetables, if you see, are semi-cooked! Okay! They should not be cooked completely Then, we’ll add this rice! So, we don’t have to add anything to this after rice? No, we don’t have to add anything, just the rice! Now, we’ll let it cook completely! We’ll cover it! At least 10 minutes? Yes, it will take 10 minutes! So, our pulao is ready now! Yes! I am making the tiffin now! Okay! Till then, please take this outside and grate this! Grate this? For the halwa? Yes! I am ready to do all the work for halwa! Let’s go! Guys, I’ve worked so hard in today’s episode! See, I’ve grated so many carrots but there is one thing… …the feeling while grating carrots is something else, right? Right? That too in winters! Let’s go! The carrots are ready! Wow! You’ve done so well! Let’s start! We’ve kept the utensil and we’ll add ghee! 1 kg of grated carrots in 150 grams of ghee! We’ll add it directly! After adding, we have to continuously stir it! How long will we cook it? How will we know when it’s ready? Right now, it looks a little hard! We will wait till it gets a little soft! So, we will mix it till it gets a little soft! What else will we add in our gajar ka halwa? We’ll add milk and sugar to it! And after that we can add dry fruits according to preference! So, only with these simple 5-6 ingredients, we can make this amazing gajar ka halwa! Yes, but it takes a lot of time! So, when your kids were small and you couldn’t start this work… …what were your struggles like? I am a small town girl! The people of the society never used to ask about us A question always came to my heart… …a girl or a woman has no value of her own? There is, definitely! Above everyone else! They say so but, there is a difference between saying and giving that value! I want to give Etikala’s Kitchen to my daughter. I want to take it to new heights! It has been completely roasted in ghee! Now, we’ll add milk to it! How much milk is this? This is half litre of milk but we won’t add it all! You’ve already boiled it a little, right? Yes! We don’t have to add cold milk? No! If you add cold milk, it might get spoiled! We’ll keep stirring it! It takes a lot of hard work to make this gajar ka halwa! First, you need to grate all the carrots and then keep stirring it! Then you need to add… …half kg sugar? Yes! But, I’ll add 300-350 grams of this! If we want it to be medium sweet, we’ll add 300-350 gm of sugar in 1 kg carrots! Yes! Gajar ka halwa is a North Indian dish! Yes! But, in South India, people add these dry fruits after roasting them in ghee! We’ll do it this way! A slight change okay? Okay! The color is amazing! You see, no food color, no saffron! We’ve added nothing! The texture has changed too! It looks like jelly! It’s perfect, right? Absolutely! We shall turn it off now! Oh! It’s done? That’s it? Now in this? We’ll add some dry fruits! This is according to your own preference, right? Yes, as you wish! We’ll add some khoya to it! Just a little from the top? Yes! Should I mix? Our food is ready! Mrs. Vijaya is adding her final touches and our special guest is waiting for us! So, let’s go for the tasting! Hi Aastha, you made it! Hi, welcome! Guys, she is Aastha Madaan! She has her own YouTube channel where… …she gives tips on mental health and lifestyle to people, right? Yes and Pallavi, I follow Rasoi Project because you make so beautiful and inspiring videos! Nice! Oh, Mrs. Vijaya is here! This is our amazing tiffin! Don’t we miss our school time as soon as we see a tiffin? I know! And our tiffin was always empty by lunch time! And then we used to enjoy having food from someone else’s tiffin! I know! Those days were amazing! After talking, I miss school even more now! Guys, you know, I really miss my school time! Do you miss your school time as well? Tell me in the comments if you do! And now, we’ll make Aastha eat our veg pulao! I can’t stop! Don’t stop! Can I pause you because I can’t wait anymore! Tell me? Presenting to you, gajar ka halwa made by me! You made it? Yes! Honestly? Semi-honestly! See, I grated the carrots! I kept stirring it for so long! Sure, definitely! Mrs. Vijaya did a little work too! A little! I’m sure! Wow! Is there a better stress buster in life than food? Amazing! Let me eat! Personally, for me, the aroma of the food is a stress buster! But, I’ll tell you a very quick trick! Okay! So, whenever you feel sad in life or restless and you don’t know what is happening… …just take a blank sheet of paper and start writing on it! Write whatever comes to your mind! The trick is, you don’t have to lift the pen up before 5 minutes! Like, put an alarm and don’t lift your pen before that and after 5 minutes, you’ll feel the difference! What you were feeling before those 5 minutes and what you feel after 5 minutes! It’s very interesting! Try this! Guys, you must try this and tell Aastha did it work for you or not? Just pour everything out at once and that’s it! It’s an amazing cathartic technique! It’s so good! So guys, if you too missed your school and college days after watching this video… …then make sure you share it with your school friends and your current friends too! And make sure you give this video a big thumbs up for our special chef Mrs. Vijaya … …who is doing some very interesting work with her venture! Also, subscribe to EatTreat and to my channel called Mental Health and Chill! Alright! This is me Pallavi Batra signing off from The Rasoi Project for this time! We’ll be back soon! Come on, eat fast! I am taking this home too! Yes, we’ll pack it for you in a tiffin! This boy tells me I’ve gained 2-3 kgs of weight after eating your food! I always wanted a girl, but got a boy Then the second time, I told the doctor if it’s a boy you only keep him!

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