Lumzag Inside Light and Open Alert Features

Lumzag Inside Light and Open Alert Features

Hi guys, it’s Masis here again. Today I’m
gonna show you two more features of the Lumzag the world’s smartest and
most innovative smart backpack to date. An innovative comfort feature and a safety
feature that both deal with opening your Lumzag. So guys, let’s drive straight into it.
While working on the Lumzag, our criteria entailed to ensure proper
lighting for the bag and as certainly many have faced before, the difficulty of
finding your things in large compartments of backpacks, especially
when in the dark. So what do we do? We designed the light inside the Lumzag. The modern LED strap inside is a thin strip of light to provide you effective
and efficient lighting. The light activates when you open the Lumzag. We
designed two modes for this feature, which you can set from your Lumzag app.
The automatic mode allows the light to turn on when the backpack is open in the
dark, while the “OFF” mode disables the light entirely. So let’s turn off the
lights in the room, so we can see how the light in this bag works. Cool, isn’t it?
With this light feature you can find anything in your bag even if you’re caught
in total darkness, ensuring fast and easy access to your items
in the bag but in circumstances like this you still want to be the only one
to dig into your own backpack. Well with Lumzag you had a security feature.
When activated, Lumzag will notify you just as someone tries to open your bag.
After careful design development, our system allows correct recognition of
when the zipper is being open and sends you a notification to your phone or
smartwatch. So guys let’s give this feature a try. So now I am activating the
mood, okay? And I’m opening the backpack. My god, there you go, I’ve received an
open alert notification cuz the security mode is on. The system will also
notify you, whenever you forget to close the zipper totally. Our company has
meticulously designed the bag to ensure you can feel confident with Lumzag and
never face another theft or stressful moment from not being able to find your
items in the bag. So guys, stay tuned with us cuz this really cool backpack
offers plenty of features. So watch my videos to understand more about how this
bag can work for you. If you like these features, give a thumbs up and share it
with your friends and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button. See ya!

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