Lufthansa Business Class – Boeing 747-8 ‘Upper Deck’ – Frankfurt to Tokyo

Lufthansa Business Class –  Boeing 747-8 ‘Upper Deck’ – Frankfurt to Tokyo

Hello, my name is Paul Stewart, and I’ve lost my glasses somewhere in Germany, so hopefully I’m at Frankfurt International Airport We’re I’m about to fly to Tokyo with Lufthansa in their business class product What I’m most excited about today is that I’m flying in a new Boeing 747-8 which is the upgraded version of the – 400 model which I’ve never flown in before It’s quite a rare aircraft with only three airlines picking up the passenger model So coming up is my thoughts on the business class product and me being sentimental about the ‘queen of the skies’ Now I could talk for ages about how significant this aircraft is and I probably will later on in the video Although for the time being, let’s return to my arrival at the airport and visit the lounge Make sure you turn right and head to Lufthansa premium check-in area from there It was a brief trip through customs, which of course being German was very efficient and then on to that business class lounge The lounge itself is pretty good with heaps of seating and food and drink options And for my subscribers across the Pacific this is called fruit. Hidden in the corner are these pretty comfortable looking seats if you want a nap. Or if you want to make a phone call, you can stand in these semi-private booths We definitely need these in Australia or maybe just police snipers for people using face time on maximum volume in public areas. Although I digress. There’s a number of showers which were available straight away After drying my hair I headed off to the departure gate Early to catch by aircraft arriving and to get a look around a whole range of aircraft that are quite rare in Australia Here is an Airbus A340 – 600 which was the longest passenger aircraft, even more so than the A380, Until the new 747-8 was released. That aircraft, which you can see now was a single metre longer So more about the -8. The reality was that the 747 was ageing and Boeing were concerned that the new A380 was going to dominate the market So they had to decide between designing their own all-new superjumbo or simply upgrading the current – 400 model They went with the latter idea which has probably saved them billions of dollars as we now know The market is moving towards big twins and Airbus will struggle to make any money on the a380 project So as a part of the upgrade boeing lengthened the fuselage which is most obvious with the upper deck which is now considerably longer They redesign the wings with the removal of wind tips being the most obvious difference and the engines were upgraded Now I accept that the A380 is a most comfortable aircraft flying Although it’s not a looker This aircraft, on the other hand, is in my opinion the best-looking passenger airliner in the world. Comment below if you agree or disagree Anyway, the flight was called and it was time to board Downstairs business class is in a 2-2-2 lay out and there are no storage bins under the windows Which is why upstairs is better. There’s also something cool about walking up the stairs in a 747 The reason I selected the back row was because I was keen to get a good view of the wing and engine our certainly can’t Complain about that, although I ended up in close to the galley Which was pretty noisy when I tried to sleep later in the flight. I’ll run through the seat in more detail with the obvious highlight being the massive storage bins under the windows Without them storage would have been a real problem with his seat and his why should select the upper deck window seat if you can The obvious disadvantage though is that you need to climb past your neighbor to get out into the aisle. The adjustable TV screen moves around and responds to touch. Now I’ll go through the in-flight entertainment in more detail later The seat itself is a reasonably old design and while it looks good It’s a generation old. Most business seats these days offer privacy and direct aisle access for each passenger Unfortunately, there were no overhead air vents, which is something airlines seem to be removing. This is quite frustrating as I often find cabins Too hot and a really appreciate the steady flow of air, especially when trying to sleep After 20 minutes, a welcome drink of sparkling wine was brought around and here’s a look at the amenity kit The major Supermarket chains in Australia have started charging people for plastic bags and it appears that the bags are now all being used by Lufthansa These are not class leading (Captain’s welcome) After a short delay we pushed back and headed fo r the runway. Oops the British are back, although this time It’s just a BA Airbus A320 check out my channel for my review of that aircraft After some great views climbing through the clouds a warm towel was brought around and a round of drinks. This was had while enjoying the colours of a setting sun. The meal service began and I apologize for the poor lighting. The food and drink tested fine. Although the whole process took over two hours, which was rather unfortunate as I was tired and hoped to get to sleep shortly afterwards Thankfully since the armrest moves down you’re able to slide out and leave your seat while the table is still in position. There are three toilets in the upper deck with two at the front and one being behind where I was sitting They were stocked with basic amenities As I was tired I put the mattress on the seat and had a nap. Now you share a ledge with your seat mate Although there’s a divider It’s still a bit weird looking at a stranger’s feet when you’re trying to sleep And as the cabin was already quite hot. I didn’t use the blanket After a reasonable six hours of sleep, I woke up and breakfast was served I’ll include the food and drinks menu at the end of the video I was keen to stretch my legs and went for a wander around the aircraft and captured a few different views of the beautiful wing by the way This is sawtooth pattern on the engines is designed to lower noise and works to smooth the mixing of the hot and cold air You see a similar pattern in the 787 engines and in the upcoming777X. I then returned to my seat and looked through the in-flight entertainment You can either use the remote hidden under your armrest or touch the screen directly. For me It was just easier to lean forward and touch the screen The system is adequate Although clearly aging. There was an OK selection of movies and TV shows as well as live TV which is what I mostly watched. The touch response was ok, although it did freeze on occasions when it was loading very slowly. There are a few ads before the movies, although they could be easily fast-forward it through The slow descent into Tokyo’s Haneda Airport began For me it was fantastic flying this aircraft taught for the first time and I’m glad to hear that the passenger version will remain flying for another Two decades as most of the older – 400 models will be retired in the next few years If I was to compare it with the A380 from a direct comfort point of view, I’m fairly confident It would come up inferior It did seem noisier, especially on takeoff, but it’s really hard to comment on the air quality and relative humidity I’ll certainly say, though, that the – 8 looks a lot better both from the outside and when looking out of the windows. For those who are fans of the ‘queen of the skies’, the Boeing 747 you may be interested in checking out my videos where I walk through the first ever 747 located at the Museum of Flight in Seattle and a longer tour through a retired 747 – 400 in Wollongong Links to those will be in the video descriptions below Now to talk about Lufthansa’s business class product. It was average! The seat itself has good lumber support But otherwise there is no privacy whatsoever as his footage demonstrates where you can see my neighbour’s arm We awkwardly hand touched once whilst reaching for our drinks Fortunately, the upper level has the storage bins under the windows although if you’re on the lower level you’d have to store everything in that overhead bins and Therefore interrupt your seatmate every time you wanted anything The other issue with the window seats is that you need to be agile to come over your neighbor once their seat is reclined Into a bed. The food and drink offerings were okay and the service, well, it took two hours to serve dinner. So that kind of answers your question the crew seemed junior and stressed I was really excited about flying in his aircraft type and the Lufthansa business product was quite a letdown and Of course I’m giving away the amenity kit to a lucky viewer Simply comment below and include hashtag Lufthansa amenity kit within 30 days of this video being published and you’re in the running. Full details of the giveaway are in the video description below. If you enjoyed the video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more similar ones Check out my channel for heaps of other aviation related videos Before I finish with the menus, here’s our plane parking next to an ANA 787 which was my next flight I’ll be uploading my review of their business class product in coming weeks, and spoiler alert, it was much better. Thanks for watching I’ll see you another time and here’s the menus You

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  1. Personally, I think you're too picky, I still remember DC8s and 727, DC 9, they had None of what you're missing, but found fun in the little things, the simple fun of flying..

  2. #lufthansaamenitykit Wow! Another great review! I from what I have read, 30 September 2019 Marks 50th years of B747 service. I really hope it will continue to stay as a passanger plane and not only cargo. Qantas has just say good bye to their last B747! ;(

  3. Fantastic review Paul, you do the fun side but you are also you give the warts and all.

    Those socks once again stole the show ( sunset over Ayers rock at 35000 feet shade?) . Shame the Lufthansa soft / hard product here did not live up to them for a down under person travelling to Europe. Europe is lagging behind once again.

    Having said that though, it would be really nice if you could do Frankfurt to the USA in first class just behind the radar dome of the queen of the skies. Such an epic plane.

  4. Yeah business class and first class is great and all, but to me the only important thing is that I take off safely and land safely

  5. Great review Paul. Thai a380 business is a better product with heaps of storage, a wider seat, 1 2 1 layout and its quieter

  6. LH Is always a generation behind in the hard product. They get away with it because of the captive German market and tons of corporate contacts

  7. you put alot of effort in this video,…while travelling in business class all the food you showed us in the begging of the video at the airport is free?

  8. Thanks for another great video. However I agree with a previous comment. Any airline that has a long haul product in business class without direct aisle access to all passengers is very poor. Despite my great praises for La Première Air France they still offer some long haul routes with a very poor business class layout that is even worse than here ….for example their long haul from Paris to Pointe-à-Pitre ( an 8 hour flight) has a 2-3-2 layout, so I will never use Air France to fly to Guadeloupe !

  9. Lufthansa needs to up their game and get rid of 2×2 business class seats. Great TR as always. #LufthansaAmenitykit

  10. I flew once with Air China 747-8, 3 hours domestic flight in China, also in business class on upper deck. very nice view with the wing, aside from the service of air China, definitely worth to try 747-8, it's beautiful! #lufthansaamenitykit

  11. "The major supermarket chains in Australia have started charging people for the use of plastic bags and its appears that the bags are now all being used by Lufthansa" hahahaha love it #Lufthansaamenitykit


  13. Sorry.. the early 788 s had regional bus seating but the later ones were long haul lie flats to Mexico /San Jose etc. Apologies but glad you had great time on them.

  14. 2+2 configuration in business class is a relict from the Cold War… would never book LH and their dentist chairs. horrible.

  15. I also have a soft spot for the queen of the skies. There is something sentimental and wonderful about the design, I will always love it. I have only flown on the older -100 and -200 models. I loved your video. Great work and thank you.

  16. Okay so the seats are perfect for well acquainted pole dancers or contortionists? lol It wasn't that bad, it's only in the last 10 years or so that the 1 – 2 – 1 layout is common place. First class in the late '70's & early '80's had a 2 – 2 layout in the nose of KLM's 747-200's when the upper deck was reserved for the F class lounge. If you are travelling with a companion or you don't like some of these super dingy & claustrophobic so called 'private' c class spaces offered on some airlines, I'd prefer this layout. I also like LH's First class product, which I admit I watched on youtube & not from experience, because it is an open suite. But if you go there, then check out Swiss as well. Virgin's upper class also started out as a 2 – 2 – 2 product on their A340-600. I know plenty of people who travel as a couple who look specifically for non private spaces as they don't want to sit 20 million miles separated from each other, contactable only by onboard phone. (see, I also do a bit of sarcasm) Other than that, thanks for the review & will definitely consider flying LH on long haul, I will just have to bring a sarnie, so I don't die of starvation. 😀

  17. Very impressive videos tho…you did a lots of effort to making these videos. I loved, I wish I can fly on business class across the continents someday. Once again thanks for sharing your journey making through here?? #luthansaamenitykids

  18. Another amazing video paul. Keep up the amazing work and I am looking forward to your next videos. Im watching this one for a 3rd time haha. Thanks again!!! #lufthansaamentitykit

  19. #lufthansaamenitykit Any recommendations on the 747-400: should I stay with my seat on the premium economy, or up grade to the business class? Flight Florida to Frankfurt. Thank you!

  20. Noticed your new arrangement of having the food & beverage menu at the end of the end of the video instead…Dr. Paul, I have to say I love this arrangement absolutely, which I do think you're the first to do so, and it doesn't make the video so long and dull before watching the plane and the flight!!!

    Great innovative improvement Doctor and thank you!!!

  21. Contact on 1-888-202-8814 Lufthansa airlines phone number to get the flights related issues like booking process,baggage policy and cancellation policy

  22. On the exterior appearance of any aircraft, the 747-8 ("Queen of the Skies") is by far the best looking aircraft in the skies… No doubt about that, but is only my opinion… Others may disagree.. The interior of the 747-8 did look a little dated, compared to the A380 and more recent aircraft types from Airbus & Boeing. Far less privacy too. With up-to-date & independent online video reviews today, some airlines forget that many people use these to make informed choices about air travel and the level of service provided. ETOPS aviation ruling aside, I still feel much more assured being in a 4 engine aircraft on routes such as Sydney/Auckland to Santiago/Buenos Aires, and also from Perth to South Africa…. Also across the Pacific, between Australia or New Zealand to the West Coast of U.S.A, where large oceanic distances are crossed in very remote regions.

  23. Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed Lufthansa videos, make sure you check out my review of their A320 Business product from Istanbul to Frankfurt. Link here:

  24. Thank you for this video; in 2020 my friend and I will visit Tokyo and Japan and maybe we fly via Frankfurt am Main with this beautiful aircraft!
    From the Netherlands greetings from Arie Bert Versteeg 😉

  25. I think the B747-8 is a beautiful airplane. I have such good memories flying on the -200 and -400. Hope they keep flying.

  26. Thank you very much for sharing this very comprehensive video. The only thing I dont agree is the the beauty of the plane..just look at this sleek and elegant A340-600 passing behind at the beginning..THIS is the most beautiful aircraft ever built..but of course we know in whose eyes beauty lies:) I totally agree on your assessment of the product: it is mediocre, to say the least..and on top it is more expensive than better products. Having to climb over my neighbour is a no go for me in business class..and this is why – although they are my flag carrier – I have been avoiding them for a over a decade. And also when it comes to beverages: they just invest less then half what EK or QR would invest into their wine cellar (although they are not quite as bad as KLM in this regard). How they got their 5th star in expectation of their new seat in 2020 says more about Skytrax than about LH´s product. I hope the time will come when its worthwile again to fly my flag carrier..even though I still miss the yellow crane:)

  27. lol I do all my travelling at night it appears. I sometimes watch your videos more than once if I particularly like one; all aboard for Tokyo from my fully flat double bed 😉

  28. Hi Paul. Good review, thank you. A question – are you intending to review Lufthansa's first class product in the 747-8? Interested to see what it is like.

  29. I really dig the a380.. Their business and first class thru Singapore airlines is unbeatable in my opinion but I always loved the 747 since before the a380

  30. I haven’t watched this yet, but I hope it features Paul drinking champagne and eating Eggs Benedict – it’s part of my drinking game.

  31. I love the idea of giving tote bags instead of the pounch for the amenity kit. I had the Samsonite pouch before and never used it again. But they could have at least made it elegant or use Loqi tote bags with a Lufthansa motive on it. That would have been even nicer ?

  32. US INSIDER TRAVEL TIP: When flying airlines based in the states,
    especially Jet Blue or Spirit, in their premium seats, you can quietly
    ask the flight attendant for the "Waffle House Special Menu." They will
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    offering trans-con service have a special WHSM Chef onboard lacking
    dentures, replete with prison tattoos, wafting around a bouquet akin to
    homeless homemade hooch.

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  34. I don't understand why there is no mention of the seat flat. That is the most important of any business class.

  35. Thanks for the lesson, it's pretty cool to have an upper deck seat! It reminds me of double decker buses in London; I would always race up to sit at the top in the very front seat where you'd get the best view. I never understood why you wouldn't always try get that seat, or at least sit upstairs rather than in the dark downstairs, hehe. Also, I wish you could choose the cuisine regardless of airline or destination. I'd totally choose Japanese food 90% of the time, and burgers and chips the other 10%.

  36. Did you find some glasses? Thought I saw some on your face in the reflection in the lounge while passing by Becks ?? ?

  37. I was on this exact plane a couple of weeks ago. Such an old interior design! The screen was impossible to use, but the seats was OK and food great, especially compared with other EU airlines.

  38. Just watching the video a bit late 😀 But I still wanted to chime in on the best looking aircraft! For me it has to be the A340. I just love the look of it.

  39. I prefer your "direct" approach to your reports as compared to some blogs which are really over the top and unrealistic.  Keep the good work.

    1-2-1 seating in business class is the only seating configuration that is acceptable to me in 2019.

  40. Absolutely agree…this is the best looking large commercial aircraft in the world. Love all 747's and the -8 is just more 747!!

  41. ALWAY book a lower deck middle row on the LH 747-8 if you are solo. Much larger footwell and space between the neighbor and you. No winddow though…

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