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  1. Thank you for English sub, and the sub teams from the button of my heart. I have been waiting for a whole years and finally it came through.🙏🙏🙏

  2. Yes am waiting for the drama to.complete before I watch it, I can't wait for episode by episode😭😭😭

  3. The dubbing for this series is atrocious. Sometimes the lips aren't even moving. The voices doesnt even match the person.

  4. Watching from Panamá City, Panamá. Waiting for the rest of the episodes. Still waiting. Please urgent

  5. The narration of the beginning of this drama is happening today. People that lives in the third world countries have the same beliefs that if a relative goes to Western countries such as USA and Europe that it's a way up and the families that were left behind expecting lots of money will be provided but little they know the struggles that comes with it.

  6. Silly men are so greedy. They think so short sighted. Any daughter in the palace will be an easy mark to use an an excuse to punish families that the emperor already wants to punish and take power from

    The emperor will stick any generals valued daughter in his harem. He will fake favor her to keep generals happy. But will never let her have kids. Then she will be framed when the generals power is targeted. So sad. All rulers were fatuous.

    But any military backed daughter would have no other option than to marry the emperor. He would never allow that blade of military power to be in any hands than his own. And due to his own inadequacy he will not make the power his own. But will punish any official with a good reputation that serves the country well.

    It is plain hard to watch. Loyal subjects punished because emperor canr stand the sight. and dirty butt kissing subjects gets rewarded

  7. Whats wrong to the comments its all about the country of the watcher….how about the drama…

  8. Peace and Blessings
    8:13PM 🇺🇸

  9. here from philipines watching your dramas…tnk u all…its sad m bcuz u kill my crush its yuwen hu.thou he is domeniring but his so romantik man..u cn nver compare his love for dugu bore..rnk its m jovie from buug philipns…il search more movies…

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