LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS | How to Tame a Cat | Netflix

What’s the point of this thing? Apparently,
no point. They just had them. Well, that’s underselling
their influence. They had an entire network that
was devoted to dissemination of pictures of these things. Oh, look, look, it’s doing something. It’s coming
this way. What the
does it think
it’s doing? Dude,
what do I do? Okay, easy. No sudden moves. Let’s just wait until it decides
to get up again, okay, bud? We’re gonna get through this. How long
will that take? Hours. Perhaps
years. I don’t have
hours or perhaps
years for this. What if you try to irritate it by moving your digits
across its keratinous fibers? Maybe that’ll
make it move. What? WHY? I don’t know.
It couldn’t hurt. You don’t have any idea,
do you? I do not. It is my first time seeing one of these live. Hey, just try it, though. Okay, fine. Is it working? Uhh… What? There’s a strange, rhythmic kind of noise that’s emanating
from it now. Uh-oh. What do you mean, “uh-oh?” I don’t want you to
panic or anything, but I think you’ve activated it. Ac—What does that mean? As I said,
I am no
expert, but if the noise ever stops, it’s gonna
on you. It is not! Is it? Cursory historical research
shows that humans had a card game called
“‘Exploding Kittens.” So, yes, this checks out. Oh, you’re gonna die now. Bummer. What?! Why did humans even consort with these hairy
murder machines? Kindred spirits? Also checks out. No, no, seriously, now what? Say, “Terabyte.”

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