LOTR – The Fellowship of the Stunts

LOTR – The Fellowship of the Stunts

It started with a simple dare I bet you can´t jump from here to Gandalf´s carriage Wow, what a stunt man ! But soon it become an obssesion What are you doing?? We are preparing stunt I´M BURNING, I´M BURNING, HELP ME FRODO ! The dream was born We are putting together a stunt team This summer the fellowship will stunt their way across the Middle Earth Woow what a stunt ! Thats great man ! Until they cannot stunt no more For a next stunt, we are gonna roll down that hill, do a flip and land on that ferry Give them a moment for pitty sake No, we gonna do more stunts Let´s go! But there is one stunt they have yet to conquer For a next stunt we´re gonna ride a boat down the waterfall You cannot wield it ! It´s dangerous, yes, but we have to do it! And if we fail what then ? Then we will die like heroes, we have to do this, right Elrond ? One of you must do this *untranslateable speaking* I will do it ! I will jump the waterfall ! And so their quest beggins Holy shit! This waterfall is way bigger then i expected ! Can anyone else do it ? The Boromir is still sleepin´ AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH Legolas! Maybe we should just, you know, not.. You mean not to follow Well that´s noo way Boromir survived The Fellowship has failed No, we´ll keep on stunting in his memory C´mon The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Stunts Coming Soon Omg, it´s a vulcano, yee let´s jump it !!

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  1. Oh God… I must go do some work! Been looking at your clips for about 2 hours now… have to prepare presentation for my CEO! I am officially an addict! PARKOUR!!!

  2. This was JRR Tolkiens original idea (he wanted to see Sean Bean fall off a waterfall) but he realized it was too short.

  3. Please guys, make a Two towers stunt (helms deep, ents attack orthanc, etc.) and a Return of the King stunt (denethor falling from top of Minas Tirith, Gollum falling, etc.)
    That would be soo awesome!

    "I first need to make sure that this invisibility ring is secure, down there it might melt!"

  5. I'm not lying if you guys would do a movie that would last 3 hours i would pay 20 euros to see it.. 😀

  6. Haha amazing how you put yourself into the movies, it never stops to surprise me, you must have an expensive editing programme too to make it look so great 😀

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