LOTR The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition The Council of Elrond Part 1

LOTR The Fellowship of the Ring   Extended Edition   The Council of Elrond Part 1

estamos reunidos por fin para hablar sobre el nuevo ascensor hemos luchado mucho para instalarlo de pagar nadie se ha escapado o subes o bajas!! es una pasada y cabe una persona o dos sólo falta la llave sácala es verdad! quiero verla! no me fío de OTIS son de Mérida de toda la vida quiero una copia y otra para Esther anda trae pa cá me cago en la puta, NO TOQUES LA LLAVE !! tú no eres el Presidente!! espera a las próximas elecciones!! se cree el amo de La Milagrosa que quede claro que el presidente soy yo en Milagrosa no me va a venir a tocar los cojones una mujer y un picapleitos que lleva tacones y siempre están cocinando carnes a la brasa!!! eso no es cierto!! también cocinamos pescado!! por qué no podemos cocinar? no podemos estar todo el día en el Fuelle! cualquier día en ese garito nos zampamos a la gente ! cuidadito no os comamos a vosotros! aquí tenéis a un enemigo! el ascensor es mío! tú no lo querías! NO ME JODAS! el ascensor no te lo mereces sube a patita! pero qué dices chaval, ni de coña! vosotros sois los más jóvenes bueno, tú no tanto nuestra media de edad es de 70 un asco vaya pues estais jodidos la vais a palmar pronto y tú te quedarás el ascensor no? no me lo puedo de creer por supuesto que sí con parada directa en mi cocina me cago en la leche!!! vamos a morir todos!!

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  1. I always wondered if that was Gandalf revealing himself in a way, you know how they tease his maia form in the films?

  2. I love how at the end Boromir sits back and acts like he doesn't care, but then a second later he gives Aragorn this angry look xD

  3. As soon as the words "Steward of Gondor" came from Boromir's mouth, the Steward of Gondor song begins playing. Well done, LotR. Well done.
    Now I have to wait and cry for and with Billy Boyd's solo.

  4. If this was Game of Thrones, Legolas would be saying to Boromir: "He is Lord Aragorn, of House Bramone, first of his name."

    I made the house name up btw, since Aragorn doesn't have a surname. For example, Boromir, Faramir, and Denethor would be of House Tombolen, and Eomer, Eowyn, and Theoden would be of House Eckhoff.

  5. It’s funny how when Boromir talks about giving Gondor the weapon of the enemy, you can hear the Gondor leitmotif and probably don’t ever hear it again until Gandalf and Pippin arrive in Minas Tirith on ROTK, only in full glory.

  6. 1:26 Annnddd Sauron completely forgets about this ten seconds later… Man I wish everything wrong with did the extended editions.

  7. Love the reactions of the different races when they see the ring. Boromir is immediately attracted to it and wants it while Legolas senses its evil and darkness while knowing he has a tiny want for it while Gimli has a look of confusion is like what’s the big deal, it’s just a ring. Very detailed by the writers because men are the weakest, while the dwarves are simply immune to its effect because Sauron underestimated their strong stubborn minds. and the elves are aware of the evil but still have to be careful.

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