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  1. My cawd it's fun with all you guys streaming, I haven't heard Pence and Crestfallen in ages! Hope we hear from you all again soon, Emmuh and Reborne you guys work great together just keep it in your pants, Will!

    OMG, I'm a candidate for your first!

  2. Lorne calling somebody an ugly, disgusting freak😂😂😂. This guy has absolutely zero self awareness, it's fucking hilarious.

  3. Lorne: "Don'chu evuh fahkin stihh'kawp for dat cawksawka Einstein ageeian!"
    Winnie: "I just said he was real intelligent, he figured out Pedo equals drunk and biiitch.'
    Lorne (over his head): "Ih'fye say Einstein wazzuh stoopid fahk den Einstein wazzuh stoopid fahk. An' dats all thare iz tewwit. Don'chu fahkin puh'tim over meee."

  4. Lorne freaking out over his catfish calling another guy beautiful always makes me laugh. His insecurity is definitely on display in this call. I couldn't imagine dealing with someone this insecure.

  5. I missed the beginning of the stream so I have a question. During Lorne's rage over Dan being "ugly" would he ever call a man anything OTHER than ugly? Wouldn't his homophobia prevent him from giving a man a compliment that involves appearance?

  6. Extremely good, I compleatly enjoyed it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , you can try 🙂

  7. Someone told me a great remedy for shoulder pain for Reborne, $0.99 bottle of whiskey. Pedos swear by it. If that doesn’t work try battery acid

  8. teenage Trunks is my favorite. he's so cute!!

    love Stanley's finding out he's gay story. he says it like he just got a notice in the mail one day informing him that he's gay.
    "…and then i found out i was gay".
    like it's some kind of old family secret he stumbled upon in his attic.

  9. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but based off what Crest was saying about his teaching stuff, when Stan says "I successfully taught for 25 years" he really meant "I successfully got away with this for 25 years". I haven't really listened to the Stan stuff, he's really gross, it's tough on my stomach lol

  10. Ember, many people of non-Caucasian origin identify as "people of color".. You shouldn't think that 'PoC' is a racist term when many self identify as it.

  11. This is so entertaining. Do you guys get paid for this or is this just like a hobby. And on the 8th day God created Lorne and went “watch this shiznit” and laughed his Godly balls offs

  12. Would the community reimburse me if I create a false identity, got arrested and sent to fort dix, and became best friends with Lorne, smuggle in a pair of spyglasses and livestream 24/7? Someone dm me a good identification creator on the dnm I’ll do it

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