Longwood Fellows Program

Longwood Fellows Program

[music background] [Patrick MacRae] I had been at Longwood for
maybe 4 or 5 days, and I came to an evening fountain performance. And I remember the moment that the fountains
lit up on fire, and I thought “this is incredible”. It made me realize that I am in a world class
garden, and I’m around world class people and world class ideas. I think for that moment, it exemplified all that for me. It blew me away. And I thought “I can’t believe that I’m
here”. [Neil Gerlowski] The fellowship program is
a 13-month immersive learning opportunity that’s focusing on pubic horticulture leadership. [Kaslin Daniels] It combines core curriculum
with hands on experience, and it’s tailored to our individual needs and goals. [Julia Thomé] The beginning is really about
getting focused and getting to know each other and getting to understand the program and
starting to learn some of the basic concepts of pubic horticulture and management. [Patrick] Then we spend the next several months
doing course work, doing informal and formal salon discussions with bot leaders and industry
leaders around the Philadelphia area. [Neil] The cohort project is something that all of
us are doing to make a lasting contribution to pubic horticulture that other professionals
can access and learn from. [Kaslin] We also have a field placement which
sort of separates the two ends of the fellowship. We’ll all be in different cities around
the world for February and March learning and contributing to an organization. [Patrick] The great thing about this program
is that it’s so flexible. Each fellow can kind of determine their own
course. You have a mentor that is determined based
on your interests and your development needs. You have a departmental immersion that is based
on what you specifically what to get out of the program. [Neil] That allows us each of us as individuals to pursue learning opportunities that we’re able to identify. [Kaslin] It’s incredibly specific –leadership
in public horticulture– that’s tailored to us, that there’s really nothing out there like it. [Julia] I think what surprised me most about the program is the amount of support from all of the Longwood staff. [Patrick] You’re privileged enough to be
able to spend 13 months at one of the world’s great gardens with some of the best people
in our industry. [Julia] There is so much to do to take care
of a garden like this, and to take the time out to really spend with us as Fellows
is amazing, the commitment to the field of public horticulture and to their commitment to developing the
next generation of public horticulture leaders. [Patrick] A garden is a place that is powerful
and magical, and if I can create a place like that, if I can be the kind of leader who
helps other people to create places like that, to me that’s success. [music]

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