London Virtual Office Business News Report

London Virtual Office Business News Report

According to a new report The UK’s major industries believe the pound will rise in the coming years despite brexit and the prospect of a new prime minister But businesses should still expect to navigate a volatile currency market For the Western Union FX barometer which surveys more than a thousand businesses across the UK Indicates that leaders in a number of key sectors including the financial and retail industries Believe that the pound will appreciate in value in the next five years the report predicts the opening of new trade corridors after brexit creating both opportunities and complexity for businesses according to the barometer Most major industry sectors believe that trade with the EU will be 25 percent lower in five years time after the UK leaves the EU however Businesses are looking to grow trade with partners in other countries Including the US China Canada and India as well as less traditional partners for the UK such as Brazil and Ghana Retro sweets are taking a big slice of the UK confectionery market a new doctor from insight company Cantor shows total UK confectionery sales have grown by 13 percent to nearly 3.9 billion over the past five years that Lags will be heard retro favourites such as lemon sherbet which seen sales soar by a hundred and seventy-six percent tourists four million and rhubarb and custard up ninety nine percent to three point nine million pounds The Parma violets and pear drops have also seen sales double from one point to six million and one point four million respectively The guitars Gareth Davey says classic confectionery is doing well because it is proving just as popular with the younger people As with older generations although tastes differ according to market research company Mintel the growth in popularity of retro sweets lies in part on lost damage our Sugar and chocolate confectionary particularly those stirring memories of childhood are able to spark feelings of comfort Joy and excitement In turbulent times people like to be reminded of things they loved in years gone by as a spokesman Well, it looks like nostalgia is the future as well as the past If you want to feel comforted then hold everything virtual office will smooth your worries away You

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