London Business News Report From the Virtual Office Experts

London Business News Report From the Virtual Office Experts

More than 10,000 employers in the United Kingdom
publicly reported their gender pay gap data Wednesday as a result of a 2017 regulation
aimed at promoting equal pay for equal work. And judging by the results, organizations
have a long way to go. Companies with more than 250 employees in
the U.K. are now required to disclose salary data and any gender wage gap publicly online.
More than 78% of U.K. companies paid men more than women, with a median pay gap of 9.7%
on average, according to the BBC’s analysis of the data. In the case of these U.K.-based companies,
many found hefty gender wage gaps due to the high number of male executives or leaders
filling the highest-paying roles. The UK’s biggest mobile operators have smashed
expectations by spending almost £1.4bn in the race to secure spectrum to launch next-generation
5G services. BT-owned EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three have paid
close to double what many City analysts had expected Ofcom’s auction to raise, as the
mobile operators seek to open up an internet-connected world with driverless cars, smart home appliances,
delivery drones and superfast video on the go. City analysts had a wide range of predictions
on what the auction would net the government – spanning £630m to £1bn – with the
attractiveness of 5G services to consumers and mobile operators proving much more valuable. “Mobile network operators are willing to
dig deep to acquire 5G spectrum – evidently seeing it as a strategic necessity,” said
Dhananjay Mirchandani, a telecoms analyst at Bernstein. “This is good news for everyone who uses
their mobile phone to access the internet,” said Philip Marnick, spectrum group director
at Ofcom. “As a nation we’re using ever more mobile data on smartphones and mobile
devices. A gender-free clothing store, the first of its kind in the world, has opened
in New York City. The Phluid Project is aiming to not just introduce
a range of clothes that will appeal to all genders, like some stores have done, but have
an entire shop dedicated to the concept. None of their items in their store, based
in Soho, are labelled as ‘men’ or ‘women’, as they prefer to allow people to express
themselves freely without being confined by identity given to most clothes. Phluid is both a retail venue and a platform
where people can experiment and live without being pigeonholed into a certain gender. Will
a similar concept store be coming to Regent Street any time soon?

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