London Business News Episode #6 From Hold Everything Virtual Office

London Business News Episode #6 From Hold Everything Virtual Office

New research of the nation’s office workers
has discovered the average Brit reckons 51 percent of the meetings they attend every
week are utterly useless. So much so that a staggering one in ten of
the employees who took part in the study admitted to having nodded off during a meeting at some
point in their life. And in a bid to get through the tedium, the
survey also revealed we will munch through 10,753 sandwiches, 19,552 chocolate biscuits
and drink 15,642 cups of coffee during our lifetime of meetings, the poll found. The poll of full time employees found a quarter
of adults dread one to one sessions with their boss about their progress, 26 percent hate
awkward catch-up lunches with clients Almost one in ten pass the time by flirting with
colleagues over the meeting table, while 20 percent admit they text their other half to
get through the boredom. Four in ten of the adults surveyed said they
like it when their diary is packed full of meetings as it gets them out of doing any
‘proper’ work. But six in ten moaned that meetings just create
more unnecessary work. Many people feel that listening to music at
work improves their mood. Others claim it even makes them more productive. Is there any merit to these impressions? The connection between listening to music
you like at work and an improved mood is strong, says Teresa Lesiuk, associate professor of
music education and music therapy at the University of Miami, She said that about “90 percent
of the time” people have positive experiences when listening to whatever kind of music they
prefer, and listening to that music often produces “mild, positive moods.” Being in that frame of mind can be helpful
for getting work done. A certain way to get peace of mind and see
your business flourish is to choose Hold Everything for your virtual office solution in central
London. We make everything seem so much more relaxed.

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