Local Services by Google: Book local jobs and grow your business

Local Services by Google: Book local jobs and grow your business

[MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER: More roofs to repair? More houses to clean? More dogs to groom? When it comes to
your business, you can always do with
a little bit more, like putting it in
front of more people right when they need you. And for that, there’s
Local Services by Google. Take Mark. He’s got a leak– OK, more of a flood. So he’s looking
for help on Google. Local Services by Google
puts your business at the top of his search. And with the Google
Guarantee, it appears with a
stamp of approval. It gives first-time customers
that extra bit of confidence they need to give you a call. Mark can call or message
you straight from your ad. And in a few taps,
you could be helping him get back on his feet. With Local Services by Google,
you’re in control at all times. You decide where you
want to advertise, how many calls you
want to receive, and if you’re fully booked, you
can pause your ad at any time. You only pay when a customer
calls or messages you straight from your ad. And track your ads as
you go, so you’re always on top of your workload. Ready to go? In just a few minutes, you
could be well on your way to more roofs, more homes,
more dogs, or more of– Get up and running, and start
getting more business today.

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