Local News Company: SocialFlow Success Story

Local News Company: SocialFlow Success Story

(bright music) – Today, let’s look at a visual case study of a publishing client that recently started using SocialFlow. We helped this client
increased their posts, their reach and their
social engagement metrics at the same time they were
dealing with cost constraints on their social teams. We’ve anonymized the client’s name and many of the actual numbers, but I can tell you it’s a
leading publisher of local news with properties in midsize
cities across the U.S. We’re talking about 250
or so Facebook pages and Twitter handles with a combined fan and follower account
of around five million. Let’s look first at the
number of Facebook posts and tweets that this publisher was making. You’ll see very little usage of SocialFlow in that first month and around 35,000 posts
and almost all of them were made without the
benefit of SocialFlow. That gives us a good baseline. In months two and three,
you see steady adoption of SocialFlow with more posts
going through our platform and a very noticeable trend emerges. In month three, the
client is able to publish nearly 25% more content
than they did in month one. That’s a key benefit of SocialFlow allowing you and your
teams to get better results with less effort. But the number of posts is less important than the results of posts. So let’s take a look at the client’s impressive results on Twitter. Here you see 151% increase in the number of favorites and 117%
increase in retweets. That shows you not just the benefit of the greater number of tweets, but the value of SocialFlow’s data driven optimization function. Put simply, our algorithms
work 24 by seven and can do a better job than humans at sliding the right content into the right windows
of audience attention. And this last chart shows Facebook and how reach grew by nearly 20%. Facebook can really be a traffic driver and this change represents
an increase of around 30 million additional
impressions in a single month. There’s so much more that we can tell you about this client and their success, but to keep this video case study short, I’ll leave it there. We’re happy to provide tools to publishers to help them achieve better
results with less effort. That’s the power of SocialFlow and that’s why the world’s
leading publishers rely on us. Thanks for watching.

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