Local businesses offer incentives for water donations | Cronkite News

Local businesses offer incentives for water donations | Cronkite News

a forecast of 120 degrees next week one
Phoenix organization is working to prevent heat related deaths how can it do that
well it starts with you and me. temperatures near 100 degrees even after
dark it’s a mere inconvenience for those in air-conditioned homes but the summer
heat causes major issues for the homeless population we are trying to end
people’s homelessness and that’s a community-wide effort
Nicole Tania and the Phoenix rescue mission just started their fifth annual
CodeRed campaign it’s an effort to get donations of cases of water bottles then
the mission hits the streets and supplies the homeless with a couple of
bottles of h2o it quenches their thirst and very possibly saves their lives just
homeless people we were we were seeing that double digit number and in the last
couple of years it’s been single digits for homeless people in Metro Phoenix the
ultimate icebreakers having a club bottle of water on a hot day so right
away they know I had their best interests in mind
it’s a community-wide effort to get the cases of water donated that’s why the
mission has partnered with local businesses as Dropbox files such as
match restaurant just north of downtown Phoenix just to get back to the
community you know whatever we can do for the homeless or for people that are
in need of water it’s definitely something that we want to be a part of
for the businesses it’s a sense of community service when they participate
in this campaign and for the public well they have the potential with one case of
water to save multiple lives people are going to donate water anyway we see that
incentivizing it kind of gives it an urgency so people go oh I need to do
that now it’s just that everybody then everybody’s invested in helping help
people you know get to the mission and get to some services and at the end of
the day it’s saving lives hard work we have to be out there every
day with the bottles of water but it’s reducing this significantly you can find
out more about the incentives and an interactive map of the drop-off points
around the valley online at Phoenix rescue mission org

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