Local businesses adapt to Grand Canyon University expansion | Cronkite News

Local businesses adapt to Grand Canyon University expansion | Cronkite News

While Grand Canyon University continues expanding their campus, local businesses were talking to Judson Tomaiko about how they hope to expand their relationship with the university. For Grand Canyon University, new additions to the campus are something to celebrate. GCU held a high-profile rally when it unveiled a community hub off of 27th Avenue and Camelback Road, complete with new office buildings, a restaurant, and a renovated hotel. But for GCU, building in this community was much more than a business prospect. The question you keep it here or do you take it someplace where there’s there’s a lot more prosperity? As a Christian university we decided it was our greater mission to put it here. However not everyone in the community is excited for the changes. Some local businesses are complaining that Grand Canyon University tore down homes and apartment complexes of long-established customers to create their new building. But other businesses are saying they just need to learn to adapt to change. And with those adaptations, businesses just across the street from the hub are looking for some additional support. I would like to see GCU reach out to us and tell us how we might be able to better work together as neighbors and perhaps some way we could try to work out where we could get more business. However not all students see the area is a great place to shop. There’s not as many stores that I shop around here. GCU notes they are reaching out to help the businesses in the area. We have a group that is led by one of our professors who are providing free services to the businesses in this community to help them understand more about how to market, how to sell. WIth all the new buildings, old businesses are hoping their future interactions with Grand Canyon University will be a bright one. In Phoenix, Justin Tomaiko, Cronkite News. a study performed by Led Pollock and company estimated the new community hub will bring almost 10 million dollars into the local economy

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