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Squarespace I am a youtuber living and working in
New York City and you are probably thinking what does that mean what do I
do where do I work in this video we’re
going to explore exactly what I do and where I work so it’s a question that
I get asked a lot but in 2018 it’s pretty safe to say that most people know
that you can have a career making videos online as a creator the influencer
category is it one billion-dollar industry this is honestly what fuels my
work coffee press for the win oh it’s very hot I am incredibly thankful and
I’ve worked for years to make a living as a full time youtuber and now for the
big question how does being a youtuber actually work well it’s different for
every creator you know there’s no one defined answer to that question YouTube
itself pays by views via Adsense I have a production company where I produce
content for brands and finally I work very closely with select brands in paid
partnerships with that said I spend the majority of my time planning writing
filming and editing videos and I choose to base myself here in New York because
it is one of the largest travel hubs in the whole world and almost every major
company has headquarters here given that I work freelance I don’t have a
nine-to-five there’s a few places that I choose to work from and I’m going to
show you my day-to-day workflow and why each specific spot that I work from has
its benefits I have to say before we really dive into
this video that most of the places that I’m about to show are more so geared
towards freelancers you know people who aren’t really working it’s the
nine-to-five the first spot on my list is a staple for the New York freelancer
it is the coffee shop the spot we’re going to now is one of my favorite
coffee spots in the whole city the coffee shop is more or less the
entry-level work space for the New York City creative you know the costs are
very low a cup of coffee is about two to three dollars there’s free internet
coffee shops in New York built very fast my tip is to
they’re early stake out your claim if the coffee shop is perfect for what I
would like to call passive work meaning I wouldn’t go to a coffee shop and take
on some big project mainly I go to the coffee shop to edit photos to work on
video scripts and to just sort of people watch it’s one of those places where you
can always find inspiration just watching it you know the streets of the
city and the people and all the noises the only drawback is the fact that they
can get very very crowded as the day goes on which brings us to the next
location that I work from in this place right here this is where I get the heavy
duty work done you probably guess it the second spot that I work from the
majority of the time is my apartment and the best thing about working from home
is the fact that I can work in my underwear it’s very casual there’s no
dress code policy here you’ve probably seen my apartment tour you’ve probably
seen all the videos I’ve made on this apartment the kind of work that I do
from home that’s the big jobs those are the big heavy edits I sit right here let
me zoom this out I sit right here at my computer and I will spend some day as
well the 13-14 hours right here at this desk editing even though it’s a
beautiful day we have to shut these windows all distractions are gone and
now we are just in the Edit filmmaking portal when I’m working on those glossy
travel videos this is what my office looks like it’s pretty much an edit Bay
but there always comes a time where you have to dress up and you need a place
that is a bit more appropriate for business meetings for my next space that I work from in
the city I am joined by my business partners the one and only mr. Mike
shepherd a and manager jeredy now you don’t go following on instagram at
manager Jerrod as you can see behind these beautiful glass doors we have two
computers with monitors we have two desks two or three chairs depending on
how many people need to be in here there’s endless coffee you have the
bottomless coffee cups here then you have these nice little tables if you
want to take a call out in the kitchen area the view out the window just a nice
New York City brownstone apartments one big benefit from working in a co-working
space is the fact that you have blazing internet you have a printing station
copying station basically all the amenities that you have in a corporate
office but it’s a bit more bespoke bit more low-key a bit more startup world
which is great because there’s people here that are mainly startups and that’s
very inspiring to be in a space like that we also get mail here and a big
thing in New York City which a lot of people may not realize is that it’s
difficult to get mail if you’re not home if you don’t have a doorman you just
can’t get mail having a place in office that you know your mail will be safe and
secure is also a big benefit to have any office another really cool feature of
this co-working space is the fact that we have these little rooms that you can
make phone calls tiny little private rooms chair it’s actually more right now
let’s go this is a perfect campaign I cannot wait to tell the guys about it
they’re gonna be very excited another big positive for the co-working space is
the fact that you have access to these massive conference rooms you could have
five 10 15 people in this room they are quiet no one will disturb you I mean
what do you think about this I mean it’s great this is what we do and this is
where we have the big meetings if you are looking for that professional
business setting getting a co-working space would be your go-to bet one of the
only drawbacks that I can really find to a co-working space is the fact that it’s
kind of pricey you know you’re paying rent it’s not a coffee shop it’s not
free you know it’s not your apartment rent which is your cost of you know
you’re living there and working there so it’s an extra rent on top of your rent
which can add up the last option before having a place to
work in New York is actually having your own physical studio space and I’m here
with deewana and only Sam Shepard I make youtube videos that are mostly focused
on technology and exploring the world of tech and then I also stream on Twitch
pretty regularly our content is very different and I think that reflects in
the spaces that we work what is this space what is this building this is the
world-famous 368 Broadway in downtown Manhattan Casey Neistat works down the
hall the entire building is filled with creatives and artists I literally only
am in my apartment for sleeping these days I get here it’s been the entire day
here make videos here edit videos here play video games here have meetings here
it is actually very interesting because I spend a lot of time working from home
I was actually thinking about this there’s some days when I’m editing
videos where I don’t leave my apartment where I’m just working from home and you
were saying that you’re only at your apartment to sleep yeah and I’m like
hearing that I’m kind of envious that Sam has a place that he can just come to
and solely create as a creative in New York having your own space to make
things is the pinnacle of I guess making it as a creator so you’re very lucky to
have a space like this it’s very dope I agree and with that you want to give us
a little tour of it yeah let’s do it I love giving tours this is the spot
right here there’s uh there’s some other human beings in here right now but the
most important human being in here besides me and Eric is Patrick back
there Patrick works for Casey Patrick and I share the space so we’re in here
together every single day I actually rent this
space from Casey though like I said is down the hall II kind of one day was
just like hey you want to rent the space for me I don’t really use it so when I
got here this was pretty much built all the way out like the chair was in here
the desk was in here these like fake plants were in here the lights in the
windows were here the loft was in here everything was totally built out so I
moved in and slowly but surely all of my gear moved in with me and now it looks
like this so being that this is Casey’s annex he’s got a bunch of stuff stored
up there all sorts of prompts and just like
weird random kc things up there and then on the shelves above is various gears
there’s actually some Bitcoin miners up there immediately behind the door is the
skateboard wall I travel on my boosted board exclusively like I never walk when
I’m in Manhattan I ride my electric skateboard everywhere custom-built main
gear my pride and joy what is the green stuff in there does that actually do
anything it’s a liquid cooling rig so there’s liquid flowing through there
onto the GPU and then onto the CPU yeah it’s it’s legit and you know sometimes
when you want to just pump out some pull-ups you just you just can do it
right here if you are more into tech I actually made a video on Sims channel
going over basically gear to how to become a youtuber yeah so if you’re
interested it check that out the videos link down below in the description go
subscribe to Sam’s show him some love I’ll see you there as you can see what I
essentially do is run a business and in 2018 a very important part of having a
business is having a great website Squarespace is
the best place to build a website and they have award-winning 24/7 customer
support Squarespace is an all-in-one platform meaning there’s nothing to
patch nothing to upgrade ever it’s simple to set up or transfer your domain
with Squarespace head on over to Squarespace calm for a free trial when
you’re ready to launch go to Squarespace calm /eric to save 10% off your first
purchase and with that if you enjoyed today’s video leave a like if you’re new
here make sure to subscribe comment down below ideas for more New York City
content while I’m home in the city I want to really make videos about life in
the city apartment tours I know you guys like that last one with Sirhan and with
that I will see you in the next video so until then as always remember to smile
more worry less and new fashion

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