Lisa Goldacre – Introduction to Business Law

Lisa Goldacre – Introduction to Business Law

Hi, I’m Lisa Goldacre and by restructuring
Curtin Business School’s Introduction to Law unit to best suit our students, I’m helping
make tomorrow better. Since 2007, I’ve been the Unit Coordinator
for Business Law 100, one of CBS’ common core units. This unit has approximately 3,000 students
enrolled each year who study internally and externally in both metropolitan and regional
Australia and in some locations overseas. In my role, my team and I have aimed to enhance
students’ learning experience in the unit by focusing on their needs. What the students
learn needs to be useful and industry focused and delivered in ways that are flexible and
engaging so as to accommodate their differing learning styles and life commitments. We also recognise that we need to assist first
year students who are making the transition into tertiary studies. With more curriculum
renewal plans for the future, my team and I are hopeful that we can continue to improve
and enhance our students’ learning experience within our unit.

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