Lindsey Graham ‘increasingly optimistic’ about solutions in Syria

Lindsey Graham ‘increasingly optimistic’ about solutions in Syria

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  1. Lindsey Graham, your flopping around like a fish out of water, again. Would you please decide who's side your on? I can't stand wishy washy politicians. Make up your mind, and stand by it, so we know who we're dealing with. Granted, these situations aren't the norm, and there are daily changes, but I shouldn't keep getting these feelings about you, unless of course, my gut is telling lies, and that wouldn't be the norm for my gut. Are you S.E.S.? There's really three arms there on the snake, aren't there, Lindsey?? There's a Republican party, there's a Demonrat party, and there's the S.E.S. The Secret Executive Service, aka the Deep State! Your looking pretty S.E.S. to me. I never knew, for years whether you were a democrat, or Republican. I would know, and then forget, somehow. I've pegged you for a democrat several times over the years, and then would find out again, that you werent. I think that's my gut again. Don't be tricky with the people you want support from, or do you care about that? Doesnt really seem like it. You enjoy praise from the Big guy, but I think you also aren't opposed to receiving praise from your liberal friends. Your problem is, you don't see evil, or certain evils are acceptable to you, if they serve who??? the broader base, the larger picture is how you politicians are supposed to think. What's good for all? Not what's good, for My own party! or a third realm of government, up to now, held in veiled secrecy, taunting the American people, making us pay taxes on everything it takes to survive, and then taxing the air we breath. Out, the air we exhale!, We follow the rules of society, gladly do, with hopes of a better life, or at least the ability to maintain what we work so hard for. The hypocrisy of some of you characters is what gets me. I hope your not a deep state, S.E.S. lying sack of Schitt, I truly do. I like you, but that's contingent on how honest you are with the President! 💙

  2. Lindsey Graham and Kurds here are the facts. The USA cannot stay and protect you forever. President Trump campaigned on bringing our troops back home. He got elected on bringing our soldiers back home.” It might not be very popular with defense contractors inside the Washington DC Beltway, what the President said, but it draws the loudest cheers across Main Street America. You liberal war mongers send your sons to die in that endless 19 year War in Mid East. For what? Just a big pile of US taxpayers money wasted and thousands of dead young men and women.

  3. Lindsey Graham godfather of ISIS the deep state and military complex. If your tired of wars that make Lindsey Rich than vote him out it's not Lindsey dying on the front lines it's your children dying all so Lindsey can line his pockets. Research Lindsey graham and his connections to companies that produce military equipment. You'll find he's received nearly a million dollars from these companies. WAR MONGER LINDSEY!

  4. Hey Lindsay thought you were going to look into the coup , you are an deep state power hungry double spy, if you can't do rhe job of bringing rhe deep State down, than you are one if rhem, many of us remember where you were when President Trump was elected, the deep state is unconstitutional and will fall

  5. Senator Lindsay Graham needs to grow a set and start representing the President and the People Of the US called Republicans! If he wants to sit on the Judiciary committee he needs to immediately begin hearings to stop this damned coup the Dems are running! You owe it to the People to protect our government and not allow Nancy Pelosi' and Adam Schiff to commander the power of the People's House concentrating control with them! This is what Socialist/Marksists countries do! We like Lindsay when he makes sense but this warlords crap is out of control and unless he starts doing his job instead of attempting to run the country we will think of him as another Hillary and or Mitt Romney! Graham you did not win the 2016 election Mr. Trump did now get to work in the Senate having hearings!

  6. Remember when Obama pulled troops out of Iraq based on the time table set by George Bush and republicans list their minds?

  7. Lindsey should BACK the PRESIDENT  or is he a RINO?????????????  WHAT the HELL has Lindsey Graham done to HELP PRESIDENT TRUMP  other then TALK and we all know BS walks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   VOTE RINOs OUT  they are ALL TALK and hot air making BILLIONS off TAX PAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   TERM LIMITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to END CRIMINAL CAREER POLITICIANS!!!

  8. These Syrian democratic forces need to come to US and answers questions on Fox News like: how are they better than Assad ? Is Syria ready for more democracy than under Assad ? How is it different from Iraq, where America removed Saddam, and still Iraqis didn't improve ?

  9. Yo, Lindsey. Get to work on your promise to investigate the beginnings of the Russian hooks and the corruption that is our US Government. Quit worrying about overseas issues that you have no business worries about at this point. Clean up our corrupt government or be gone yourself.

  10. GRAHAM – you do absolutely nothing – you talk a lot – that is it – get the senate to stand with the President – that goes for McConnell as well.


  12. We don't ask you to fight turkish army we just want you to return your back to borders . Turkey can't attack if there's us soldiers

  13. Wow, what a change of mind ….
    Lindsey Graham doesn t even hide the fact that the us are interested about the oil field.
    Of course oild field that belong to Syria.

  14. He said Trump is an equal opportunity abuser,wow what a Honor, what's sad,he would where that on his Iapel, not the country he is destroying!

  15. Maria, Please seriously consider stopping the invites of Snake Senator Lindsey Graham to your program. With that said, very commendable your continued efforts point out that this fake head of judiciary is a total fraud.

  16. Putin & assad have driven isis back after USA ARMED THEM & Ruined At Least a billion families lives & about 6-7 Countries too

  17. Graham should be holding hearings to put a stop to the coup in our government. GRAHAM is doing like sessions did. Dragging his feet not doing his job.


  19. Lindsey Graham is a military blackmail victim. Hey Lindsey are you a virgin? Tell us about never getting married. Tell us about being raised in a bar. Tell us about both of your parents dying. Lindsey Graham is not a leader. He is mentally ill.

  20. Senator Graham is playing both sides of the fence. He does not have to wait for AG Barr and Durham to finish their investigation. He doesn't have to wait for anyone's investigation to end in order to start his own. This is why so many people are upset, because the senate is just sitting back and watching when they should be engaged.

  21. Graham great talker no action. Get to work and use your Senate to hold hearings no more media bites. Show your loyalty to not just his President but America needs your action again NOW. Pray you're not a secret Trump hater. Also could bring all the Senate Republicans together and start being a steady supporter of their Republicans President, who by the way has done so much for all Americans.

  22. Graham stop waiting for this GI report. Please stop writing for answers get your Senate hearings started now and then you and all America can have some truthful answers.

  23. 🇺🇸 President Trump Punches Back at Democrats: We Have an Obligation to Investigate Corruption? So Lindsey Graham when are you going to start investigating all the corruption done by the Democrats the past three years and prior to the 2016 election all the FISA warrants and paid for Russian dossier done by crooked Hillary and DNC.

  24. Lindsey needs to keep calm and wait for Trump to do his thing before he reacts emotionally. Trump is a steady captain guiding our ship through stormy weather.

  25. Lindsey is starting to look more and more like a Shill. He has it in his to call for witnesses. He is not keeping his promise to get to the bottom of misdeeds done by Mueller.

  26. Lindsey Graham is back to being a problem for the American people. In the past he was horrible against the president. He cleaned up his act and started doing the right thing. Now he won’t look into anything with these probs. He keeps saying he will do something but then does nothing. Just a big puff of smoke.

  27. Right Lindsay, the President knows how to think and I hope that right now he is thinking about what a two faced butt hole you are. Do your frapin job Lindsay and get the left criminals out of our faces.

  28. Love your show Maria and your fiery spirit ,we need honest reporting ,you have really helped me personally, there is so much corruption and evil in our Government ,Noone seems to ever get arrested just the republicans.I just do not trust Linsey Graham he changes so quickly, he could easily be a plant earn president trumps trust and then leak all the top secrets.He was McCain's best friend,mayve he wanrs rwvenge for his buddy.Ivremember that long hug with huma at the funeral and the friendly smiles .Something just isnt right with him ,I wish he would be sincere because i like him.

  29. This whole charade is a distraction from the Epstein circus. The focus was shifted and Epstein's victims are left in the cold

  30. Well Lindsay, what do you have to say now that our allies the kurds are being massacred and Putin has the oil ! You sound like a two faced hypocrat. You used to pretend to support America.

  31. Senator Lindsey Graham saying "withold Judgement until it's "ALL IN". It's time for "REAL" Solutions. OBJECTIONS: make sure to have a demilitarized zone between Turkey and the Kurds; Protect NATO Ally Turkey; Demilitarized zone only proving AIR POWER and let OTHER countries put THEIR SOLIDERS LIVES at risk with boots on the ground. OIL FIELDS? Outside the box. On the verge of a JOINT VENTURE! ALL this can be done with a VERY "SMALL" FORCE. BIG change of Heart by Lindsey!

  32. Lindsey tends to attack Trump's Agenda BEFORE he knows ALL THE FACTS which he always eventually gets over a meal with The President. Perhaps this is all done on purpose. Lindsey is good at reporting and admitted himself, a few times, that he's NOT ALWAYS BEEN RIGHT. Lindsey is a good man. TRUMP is The BETTER Man.

  33. Seems like Sen Graham should carefully look at what Pres Trumps approach IS, especially, to long drawn-out military conflicts that US troops are shedding their BLOOD for, BEFORE HE SHOOTS HIS MOUTH OFF! Senator obviously you spoke way too soon, but your words did do damage….unnecessarily.

  34. If Mr. Graham thinks he's beyond investigation, both professionally and private he's mistaken! His double-talk is going to going to take him down!! He's just as vulnerable as any one else, maybe more then he thinks! NO ONES SECRETS ARE SAFE in this society and with the technical capabilities we have!

  35. So, Sen Graham, we need troops in Syria to protect their border, and secure our American ideals? Here's an idea-Maybe protect OUR border, and secure our American ideals by investigating democratic party corruption.

  36. When is Lindsey Graham going to start subpoenaing the so-called witnesses that are giving testimony behind closed doors on your secret impeachment. How about you subpoena Adam shift and Pelosi get them under oath

  37. Lindsey Graham better get himself a neck brace, he's gonna get a serious case of whiplash from all the personal reversals of opinion he has had in the Trump era.

  38. To all the Politicians who do not pull our troops back home as ordered by the president and willed by the american people , we will hold you responsible for anything that happens to the troops because of your failures. We will not blame any attacking foreign force as you of course want us to, WE WILL BLAME YOU BECAUSE YOU LEFT THEM IN HARMS WAY TO BEGIN WITH . We are done with fighting for the bankers and the military industrial complex !!!!! BRING OUR TROOPS HOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Lindsey Graham is anti Trump. The people who defeated ISIS (=Israel) is Assad not Americans not the Kurds. Kurds are part of ISIS / Israel. Israel is finished along with ISIS, Bolton, Clinton and all the deep state garbage.

  40. Lindsey Graham step up and utilize your SUBPOENA POWER as the Chairman on Judiciary CMTE to subpoena witnesses in a MINORITY HEARING!!!!! Get busy!! Stand up for TRUMP!!
    Hold an investigation into the leaking of the intel cmte!
    Get to work for the people that voted for TRUMP AND YOU TOO!!

  41. lindsey graham, you want an investigation into the corruption in the ukrain. then get off your dead arse and do it yourself. stop blaming the other investigators and go to work. oopps. forgot, you are a diehard RINO.

  42. I'm tired of the up/down emotions about Lindsay Graham and have just come to believe he can't be trusted to support the President.

  43. Lindsey….shame on you and your huge defense contractor contributors. Lockheed Martin is your largest donor which explains alot. How many of your family are you willing to put in harms way to keep you campaign dollars flowing. Ugh politicians are the true deplorables

  44. Sen. Graham u full of it. Horowitz is a deep State . And I don't trust you cause you are all bs and no action. U R a no good rhino

  45. Bravo to Lindsey Graham for taking a firm stand to support his view but we must really congratulate again for listening to the President and modifying his opinion if and when he becomes convinced that adopting the President's view becomes the best option !

  46. What does Trump have on Graham? Every time that it seems that Graham is up has had enough with Trump, he meets with him and like a lap dog he falls in line. Some Russian dirt that they have on Graham?

  47. Lindsey Graham's primary consultant for ALL of his career is the godfather of the South Carolina Neo-Confederate organization, Richard Quinn. Richard Quinn is the past Chief Editor of the Southern Partisan Magazine, the primary quarterly magazine of the Neo-Confederate movement. Richard Quinn is known in the SCGOP as the "Kingmaker." So, Lindsey Graham is very comfortable with the "lynching" term and was hand selected by Richard Quinn to fill the seat of Strom Thurmond, a lifelong white supremacist. Strom Thurmond literally ran for president as a proud white supremacist Dixiecrat!! So this is why Lindsey Graham was selected to replace Strom Thurmond, Graham was a known Jim Crow white supremacist by his raising.

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