Lifelong memories from London Business School

Lifelong memories from London Business School

Oh my god! What do I love about LBS? It’s
so hard, there are so many things that I love about here. One of the things that’s been great outside
the classroom other than at LBS, it has really been getting to see people through all the
different clubs and activities. Get to meet people not just within your own
circle of friends but also another program. For me, it’s all about maximizing what the
school offers. Despite this utter and complete lack of medical
training, I provided the cure for a patient with blood cancer. We hope you leave the summit today with new
connections and ideas to seize these opportunities. My favourite activity was MBAT, which was
a super fun day when all the class got together and compete in sports. It was a really nice
time. I go in the club of sports business, I was
able to find a full-time job out of it. So, I feel truly grateful. I’ve helped a lot of guys, a lot of the
conferences including the FedEx LBS, which is one of the highlights of my year. One of the particular highlights for me has
really been Tattoo. We were able to put on an event that showcase all the different cultures
that are represented here at LBS. It was a mix of cultures, it included food,
dancing, it was just amazing. The Diwali party which was amazing because
I saw so many people from different backgrounds, cherishing India, enjoying Indian food, enjoying
Bollywood music. It’s a must attend. The tracks and the student led activities
have been wonderful. I think my favourite track was definitely the Portugal track. It
was super fun. I think Greece was definitely the highlight.
Visiting all these various places, partying together, I don’t think there’s anything that
can beat that. What I will miss about campus life is the
immense diversity that I am exposed to every single day here in London Business school. I think I’ll miss familiar faces with a very
warm smile. Thursdays. Getting to see my classmates and
others every week. So, now it is absolutely fantastic, it’s an
incredible way of meeting people. It’s an amazing time to be on one of the most
beautiful campuses and hanging with your friends. I think the whole community and all my friends,
and how we’re all so United. I think I miss LBS as a whole. I really miss it. I’ve made some really good connections, I’ve
made friends for life. I loved it with all my heart.

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