Life-Study Fellowship From Brother Andrew Yu

Life-Study Fellowship From Brother Andrew Yu

I heard that some of you have initiated
a program of reading through the life-study messages. I am very, very happy to hear that,
and I wish that all the young people, the working saints, and all the saints in general,
would get into the life study and read the life-study messages. Brother Lee spent over
twenty years in putting together this wonderful, wonderful volume, and it would be a big, big
pity if in the Lord s recovery we know about it but have never read it. And that s why
when I heard that some of you are subscribing, or committing, to a program of reading through
the life studies, I am very, very supportive of this. I believe it was 6 or 7 years ago,
I proposed that to some of the young people in the Far East. I said, Well, you want to
pick up the Lord s recovery, you want to be the ones that take over the baton of the Lord
s recovery. Well, what is the baton? What is the baton? The Lord s recovery is the recovery
of the truth, it s the recovery of what the Lord has given to us through the ministry.
And what is the most important thing that the Lord has given us through this ministry?
It s the truth. And so at that time I challenged the young people there, If you would read
through one life-study message a day, then in five years you would be able to finish
the entire set of life studies, from Genesis to Revelation, 1,984 messages. Well, guess
what? Quite a number of young people took up the challenge. And five years was not a
long time. Very quickly the five years went by, and of course a few dropped out, but there
were quite a substantial number that were able to finish the entire life study. Now,
think about all the investments that we make in life: Investment in health, investment
in career, most of them can go away. Investment in education. But investment of your time
in the truth, they never go away. They never go away. And so if you talk about investment,
that is the best investment that you can have. Now, to remind you a little bit of the winter
training, the past training that we had. There is this message on Psalm 119, and it talks
about all the wonderful things that we can do with God s word, and how, what, God s word
can do with us, and there are 26 points that Brother Lee listed on how we can enjoy God
s word. And the first point is that you have to choose, you have to choose God s word.
A lot of people have the wrong concept when we say we need to enjoy God s word. They get
the wrong idea that to enjoy means that we don t need to have any commitment, we don
t need to have any efforts, we just sort of s like eating snack food. It s just.. make
you feel good. It s a feel-good experience. Well, the truth certainly makes you feel good,
but it s like there s a way to eat food, and there s a way to eat food. You know, the kids,
they eat food today, it s the wrong way, because they eat whatever they feel good to eat, and
look what happens. All the kids, they grow up, all kinds of sickness. Now, there s another
kind of eating, and that is, eat deliberately, eat purposefully. You know, recently, I ve
been trying to take care of my eating, and I read something, I think it was the Greeks,
that said that, you eat your food like medicine, or else you eat your medicine like food. That
means, if you don t eat healthily, you will get sick, and then you will be living with
medicine all your life. Now, take it to the realm of the truth. Truth is not just fast
food. Truth is healthy food. And as healthy food, just like the food that you eat physically,
healthy food is a matter of choice. Fast food is a matter of enticement. You sit there passively,
and then you get enticed to eat it. But for healthy food, you take the initiative, you
exercise your mind, you exercise your will to do it. And so, when we re talking about
going through and reading through the life-study messages, it s very enjoyable, extremely enjoyable.
And by the way, for all of us, whether we re raising up a family, sisters, or building
up a career, brothers, the bombardment of information that you receive, everybody is
on an information overload these days, and what you need is, really, you need to set
aside some time so that you can have the healthy information, the healthy word, to get into
you. I suggest that, if at all possible, that you do this by setting aside a time, and by
setting aside even a designated place, and it becomes a matter of, it gets to that point,
and you start doing it, and once you build up that habit, then it will be easy. Anything
habitual is easy. And when you start doing that, then you will get so much more enjoyment
out of it. Let me say a thing about the Holy Word. The Holy Word for Morning Revival is
one of the best things that we have in the Lord s recovery, because all the saints can
get into a little portion every day. But if you say, As long as I have read my Holy Word
I have done my obligation, I have satisfied my conscience. Well, that will keep you alive,
but to live a healthy physical life is not a matter of just being alive, it s a matter
of being healthy, it s a matter of being healthy. And there s a big difference between being
alive and being healthy. And I don t want to see you just being alive, I want to see
you being healthy. And when you see a young person physically healthy, you know, facial
expression is healthy, muscle, his movement is healthy, oh, how you celebrate life, how
you feel, well, that is wonderful. Well, the same thing with the Christian life, you can
live a life that is just barely eking out your existence, you don t die, but there is
another way which is the way of being healthy, and that way is not to just by live by a so-called
enjoyment but through constitution. A few years ago I tried to shift the saints emphasis
in just merely enjoying the word to these 3 acronyms that I use, CAP for the cap. C
for constitution, A for real appreciation, and then P for the propagation. The word has
to get into us to such an extent that it is constituted in us, it is being fully appreciated
by us, and then we can be the propagators of the word. The constitution of the word,
the appreciation of God s word, and then the propagation of that word. In that order. Finally,
I ll just read you a few quotes from brother Lee on how he thinks we should deal with the
pursuit of the truth. Some say we should not be strict or legal in studying the word. (A
lot of people say that.) They insist that we should read the Bible only when we are
inspired by the Spirit to do so. This is like saying that there is no need to eat three
meals a day, but a need to eat only when the Spirit inspires me. This means that if there
is no inspiration we should not eat. Paul on the contrary charges us to be eager. Young
people, you do not realize how much hope and expectation I have of you. We do not know
how long it will be before the Lord comes back. There is a need for all of us, especially
the young people, to learn the truth and to practice it. It is not sufficient merely to
seek the Lord, to love the Lord, and to grow in life. We also need to learn the truth.
I urge you to get into the life-study messages. You will be well nourished if you get into
the book of Hebrews, for example, using the sixty or more life-study messages as a guide
to your study and research. Study and research. Find time every day, maybe half an hour, and
you can probably cover the whole book of Hebrews in a month. Like a camel about to make a long
journey through the desert, you will store a great deal of nourishment within you, and
so be helped to grow. So with that I encourage you, and I hope that you will receive a lot
of blessing in this long journey; and the only way to survive is to be a camel.

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  1. Reading the life-studies has been a great blessing to me! It is very helpful to first read the key Bible verses for each message and pray over a few of them to receive spiritual nourishment (1 Tim 4:6). Then read actively, highlighting the key points. It also helps to write down something to outline or summarize what you received and pray over whatever touched you. Then it is really beneficial to speak what you received with one or more truth pursuing companions in a regular way.

  2. i enjoy the LSM radio program with various brothers. Do visit the churches in Australia brothers and sisters 😀

    We welcome your christ.

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