Life Lessons From 100-Year-Olds

Life Lessons From 100-Year-Olds

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I’ve done all that I wanted to do. As long as I can be helpful and keep going. That’s the main thing. My name is Clifford, but call me Cliff Crozier and I was born on the 6th of September 1915. Makes me now a hundred and one. born in Birkenhead in the Wirral, Cheshire. Apart from the war and the time I was at college, I’ve been everywhere in my life. I’ve been retired now for thirty-eight years. It always pleases me though that I can keep robbing the government with my pension. hmm It’s just that you keep going. It’s only a number. A hundred and one is only a number and you live for the day. A spot of whiskey occasionally helps… …although it’s not on National Health. I have a pile of fond memories. I sometimes sit down in my chair and think of my past, and I try to sort of reorganize the story about these people that I have got in my mind and mix them up together first, and then pair them all. (laughs) And I think there are quite a few people out there that would be… …very very happy to be together because they are such lovely people that they are. Amelia Tereza Harper. Tereza, It’s Tereza because it’s Czechoslovakian. A hundred and three, my goodness me. Three is my lucky number. I have always been lucky. I’ve never been unlucky, touch wood. Oh, there’s wood underneath there. I was in Czechoslovakia when I was a young girl… …and I was living with my grandparents because my father was a prisoner of war. We came over to England to be with our father when he was released from the war. Everything makes me happy. I love talking to people. I like doing things. I like going out shopping. Once I go out shopping I don’t want to come back. (laughs) I don’t think there’s anything I really need to do… …because I’ve done practically everything that I ever wanted to do in the past. I’ve got beautiful memories you know. I can live happily forever after because of my lovely memories.

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  1. These centenarians point out some sage advice for people of all ages, but one thing that they all make abundantly clear is the importance of remaining active and engaged. This article provides many great examples to help seniors do just that:

  2. Great great advice from some great people with a lot of practical experience. Wish them great health and harmonous life.

  3. As a Muslim married man and a father, born and educated in England/London all I would like to say is this; what a wonderful and lovely story from these amazing people. If I could be 10% as them that would be too good to be true! This video brought tears to my eyes and touched my heart ! God bless them all !

  4. when i reach 100 (hopefully not) when i look back in my life it will makes me want to regret why god allowed me live that long, my life is nothing but pain and misery.. i envy these people for having a goood life, life back then is so simple compared now where stress is almost everywhere.

  5. My grandfather died at 93. My father is 71. One thing I know to well is that everything in your life is based on perspective. I've seen pessimism at it's highest level,but optimism at it's peak as well. It is all about how you perceive stuff.

  6. YouTube:
    2016: Nah, you dont get to see it
    2017: Mhm, not ready yet
    2018: Nope, not today
    2019: Boi, time to learn some REAL life lessons

  7. i can't belive it lol, they look so healty and okay….meanwhile in my country there are 2 "important and famous" people who just turned 100 and they look bad….

  8. Granted, these old timers did pass on a little "if I knew then what I know now", but they don't convey that they've had a considerably difficult life, and don't pass on much to someone in the trenches trying to get out. Then again, that is ones own adventure.

  9. Had tears hearing y'all
    I miss my grandpa .. the elder I grow .. more the value I recognize of family relations .. glad I have such adorable family 🙂

  10. My grandmother lived to be 97 and I can only hope I don’t get anywhere near that! I am 39 and I only have about 20 more years of tolerance for life left in me. The world is too wicked and evil?

  11. One of the facts in life that I've accepted fullheartedly is that I'd never live long enough to be 60.

    70 if I'm lucky.

  12. the title of this vid is translated in german on my youtube app somehow, it says "lebenslektionen von 100-jährigen". i read initially "lesbenlektionen von 100-jährigen", which means lesbian lectures from a 100 years old.

    i guess 4 a.m is my limit…

  13. Ciao bello Nonino anche la mia generazione a visuto con noni dell'ottocento uomini centenari con storie di vita sule spale nel bene e nel male e ci ano dato una dritta per la via della vita ok grazie cun saludu atottu

  14. Even if you already done everything you want to do in this world, that "worldly joy" always passes away like a wind. But if you have God in you, you will be set free.

  15. I always wanted to watch this video and I finally got to doing it today. I don’t regret it. Remember to love yourself. 🙂

  16. “I’m not crackers just thinking about my children.” So much love still for her kids incl the twins she lost. You never forget indeed. A lot of lessons here. We need to stop warehousing our elders in too many countries. Loved this. Thank you. ??

  17. If I live to a 100, I am going to commit suicide by doing every single drug known to man at once, now that will be a great way to die LOL

  18. My great grandfather is 100 but died last 2017
    Her sister 100+ died last 2019
    My great grandmother is 100 now
    They always eat vegetables and fish. Plus no pollution because they live in the province.

  19. If you read this message.

    I hope you will be successful in life and live in prosperous life with your love ones. Have a good day to you?

  20. When i was a kid i always found it boring when people tried to give me life lessons. But now, im 19 years old and i clicked on the video to take those life lessons from experienced people !

  21. I love this. This is why we should have YouTube. I love all of them. They make me stronger. Godl bless all of you 🙂 <3 !

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