Libby Adding 2nd Consortium

Libby  Adding 2nd Consortium

Hi everybody, in today’s tech tip is going to be how to add another library consortium to your Libby app. This comes in handy when you want to search for a book across consortiums. The overdrive app doesn’t allow you to save that search. So you have to type it in again. With Libby you can actually just remember your recent history and go to then another consortium and find your search in recent history. So you don’t have to type everything again which is always fun on a small device So how to do this is you tap the Libby icon in the top right. The black and white one. You tap add a library. And tap one of these guys. Usually recent libraries are here or you can search for one. But I’m going to tap Boston public library. And then we have to tap the Black and White Libby icon And a tap see library cards. Add a card. I’m visiting from another library. You want to choose our consortium, which is Merrimack Valley. And then you tap the card number and type in the card number. And tap sign in. Tap hide, I can now see, whoops. I go back to the black and white icon You can see I have two two of the consortiums to search across And so an example of carrying the search over… If I tap Merrimack Valley, it takes me there. Tap search for book. And I search for a book… so Poodle Springs here… no search results. So I tap the black and white Libby again. Tap Boston Tap search for a book and there’s Poodle Springs. So if I tap it… and here we are. So I can borrow it. That’s it. It you have any questions or comments please leave them below below.

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